What happens if there is a problem with the phone? I have emailed RW repeatedly with no response. PLEASE, can somebody respond?

I had an issue with the details of my account and the affirm loan. I emailed RW MANY times and no one ever got back to me. I ended up having to haggle with affirm and they told me that even they can’t get RW on the phone when there is a technical issue. If the company that services RW loans can’t contact them, what happens if I have an issue with the phone?

you use the ticket system which for many issue as much better system (no waiting on hold , best expert for server issues vs call center tier 1 (script only) Getting Help from Republic


We would love to help. What email did you send to, I do not see any emails from your email address in any of our systems. Even-though we do not have call in support, we are very easy to reach over email, chat or opening a ticket from our help page or app on the phone. Let us know what is happening and we will help.

  • Sean

Thank you so much for responding! When I bought the phone, I used my daught=
er’s cell phone number and I don’t remember what email. I am NOT a technica=
l person at all and I really messed up. I think I gave different informatio=
n to Affirm as they have tried to fix my account now for weeks. My wife kee=
ps calling them and they send MY phone a pin and then she has to call me at=
work and we get on a 3 way call so they know that she is really who she sa=
ys she is etc. We had to send photos of me with my license and the date to =
request that my currant cell phone number be the one associated with my acc=
ount. I still don’t know what I am doing. Maybe the emails I sent were from=
my daughter’s email. I have no idea. The important thing is that I have co=
nnected with you and am adding a phone for my son who is at college. I real=
ly love the phone that I have and wanted to get him one as well, but when I=
received no response. I wa really worried about the customer service and i=
ssues with phone service etc.So, anyway, I thank you again! Hopefully I can=
get these issues ironed out and get the phone for my son.

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