What happens to all my RW call and messaging histories when I change service to another provider?

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? Basic Wi-Fi calling/texting, no data.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk & text.

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Btw, I noticed that all that info. is still in my RW app in my old Moto X1, though I don’t have service to it anymore. I guess the same would be the case with the X4: info still in RW app, though I’m using another service, right?

Hi @raymondh.0fdix8,

That depends upon which call and messaging history you are referring to.

If you’re referring to history on the phone itself, that stays on the phone.

If you’re referring to online call and messaging history in the My Account portal, you’ll lose access to that.

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Hi @raymondh.0fdix8,

Additionally, if there’s something that might be done to keep you from leaving, Republic would be grateful for the opportunity. Specifically, if coverage is the issue and you’re comfortable sharing it; may we know a zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of evaluating coverage options with Republic?

Thanks for that specification. I forgot about the back-up info. But the info. on the phone is what I was most concerned about. So, … if I decided I wanted to return to RW, I’d have to create a new account, even if transferring my number back to RW, and all old info in the online account would be wiped, gone?

Not exactly; Republic accounts never truly close, so you’d be able to reactivate using your current account. Once a phone is canceled, however, call and messaging history in the My Account portal is gone and, to the best of my knowledge is not retrievable even when reactivating the same phone.

Depending upon the phone involved, if deactivated with Republic for more than 20 days, you would need a new SIM to reactivate.

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Thank you. I think that answers all my questions–for now.

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