What happens to lost phone after my new one is set up?


I just ordered a new phone (Moto G5 S plus) to replace my lost Moto X.

I didn’t have any of the Finding features… and I was unable to locate it using my gmail account. It requires a password to access it, so I assume it’s unusable if someone comes across it, unless they’re a talented hacker.

  1. If they broke into it, would they be able to use the Uber app with my Uber account?
  2. If they broke into it, would they be able to use the Booking.com app with my account?

The above are the only transaction type things I ever did with my phone. I don’t do any other business on it. It’s mostly just for texting and camera.

  1. I was told that I could keep my phone number if I say it’s a replacement in the initial set up. I assume the old phone will automatically stop working with that number. It won’t also keep getting my calls and texts, will it?


Not sure if this would work, but I would Open a Ticket with Republic and see if this might be possible for them to initiate. This would prevent the phone from being activated

IMEI Blacklisting . In a growing number of countries, operators allow consumers to report a mobile phone or device as lost or stolen using the device’s unique identity number, the IMEI . The operator can then block the phone from their mobile network, which is called IMEI blacklisting .


Thanks, I’ll give it a try


Hi @sandrae.xtin36,

To answer your specific questions:

  1. Yes, if they can get past your phone’s screen lock, then any app that automatically stays logged in would be accessible to them. The Uber app appears to stay logged in.

  2. The answer would be the same - if the booking.com app remains logged in, then yes.

  3. The old phone will stop working for calling and texting when you activate your new phone on the same number. However, with Wi-Fi access, it will continue to work as a tablet, and anyone who gets past your password would still have access to those logged in apps that had you concerned. Having the phone blacklisted as @jben suggested would do nothing to prevent access to the apps on the phone.

For any of these apps that cause you concern, you should log in by computer and change your password. I just tried this with Uber, and it sends a verification code by text to the phone, so you’ll need Republic Anywhere installed on your computer (or your new phone set up with the phone number) in order to receive those text messages.


Thank you southpaw! :slight_smile:


Southpaw, I downloaded RepublicAnywhere and it has a log of all the texts I missed since I lost the phone. Very cool! I just changed the passwords on both Booking.com and Uber. Thanks! Is there anything that can be done to wipe the old phone (get rid of the pix?).


You mentioned that you couldn’t locate the phone with your gmail address.

Did you try going to Android Device Manager at https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0 and signing in with the same Google credentials that are in the phone? There is an option there to factory reset the phone, but it must have been previously enabled. It won’t reset the phone until it is connected to the internet again, but It’s worth a try.

If that’s not an option, remotely log the phone out of Gmail (See the second set of instructions here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/8154) and change your Gmail password. While that won’t keep anyone from seeing the photos on the phone, it will keep them out of your saved phones online and out of your E-mail.


The instructions didn’t work for me because I never found the fine print at the bottom of my mailbox that they talked about; however, I was able to eventually get to a page that showed the devices logged in to my gmail (my laptop and the lost phone) and I was able to remove the lost phone from the account. Yay! :slight_smile:


I did go to the Android Device Manager, but the phone could not be located. I’m pretty sure I didn’t previously enable the factory reset option, but I went ahead and clicked on that anyway, just in case.


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