What is 1GB of data in real time?



I have unlimited text and talk with 1GB of data It’s my understanding that data is what you use when you go on the internet? I have no idea what 1GB represents in real time. Say for instance I use google maps for the GPS function. How long would it take for me to use 1GB of data?


Hi @ritaw.8ln5hy,

Perhaps you’ll find this helpful?


It mentions that GPS apps typically use:

About 5.5 MB per 1 hour trip
So 1GB of data would provide 182 hours of navigation.


fyi: The data that is used with Google Maps on a trip is actually consumed by Google providing navigation (GPS uses it’s own radios and there is no charge for data used)
Google offers the ability to download Maps and this allows you to navigate data free (you won’t have the benefit of the automated functions like road blockages and speed limits etc that are being offered, but for basic navigation it works fine)


Thank you so much. I will do that. another question. If I subscribe to a podcast is that streamed or is it downloaded to my phone? Or do I have a choice?


Thanks for replying!!!


Of podcast, I know less that nothing … try this search (while on WiFi) … it appears that many podcast can be downloaded and stored for later listening


I’m somewhat of a dinosaur. I am a not enamored with the fast pace of technological advances and the costs that come with it. I find it waaayy too time consuming.
I have the MOTO G ist edition phone. My current plan now allows no data whatsoever.
The whole point of my becoming a member of Republic wireless was to save money on cell phone expense.
I recently opted not to upgrade because of the relatively huge cost of data. A T-Mobile employee told me that a half a GIG of data would allow me to watch 5 minutes of a youtube video on my phone. My response was “You gotta be kidding.”
I pay $11.41 a month for unlimited texting and calling within the lower 48. I could easily be paying $75 to $100 a month or higher to support a habit of using data and that’s on-top-of buying my own phone, upfront.
If I choose to upgrade my phone, I may move to another carrier.
We as consumers seem to be caught up in this trap of hign cell phone expense in exchange for the convenience of supporting our addiction to technology.


It sounds as if you’re currently using one of Republic’s grandfathered $10 unlimited talk and text plans? You may upgrade your phone with Republic without opting for cell data. I very much appreciate your cost for that goes to $15/month and that no one likes a price increase.

On the other hand, for switching to another carrier to be worth your while, wouldn’t they need to offer unlimited talk and text for less than $15/month? I believe you’ll be hard pressed to find one. If willing and able to accept limits on talk and/or text there are indeed options out there.

Of course, if you neither want or need a more modern phone, keeping your G1 and its grandfathered plan is a reasonable choice.


I find the estimates on this Republic post a little conservative. Here’s my real world experience.

We have six phones in the family. Three Motos, Two iPhones. One Atom. We are tech savvy but not phone addicts. All of us are in homes and offices with a WiFi network to which we connect.

I use three of the phones. Developer stuff. On my main phone, I rarely use more than 1GB/month of data unless I’m traveling. Then, I often use two. I download Audiobooks and podcasts and music and Google Maps on WiFi. I almost never stream video. I upload a lot of photos and OneNote images. My phone has 150 apps loaded. Google maps is one of them. Facebook is not.

My wife does more video streaming but mostly at home or work. She does a lot of social media. She rarely uses 2GB/month of data.

My son’s profile is about the same but he watches more sports video clips while on the train to work and that sort of thing. He rarely uses 2GB/month.

My daughter uses her phone for music streaming constantly. When she’s off WiFi, she’ll use 2GB per week without blinking. At her quality, streamed music is 112MB/hr, so 1GB gets her about 9 hours of music.


I really could care less about a more modern phone. I used to be able to get data, now I find I cannot. I am not one who is addicted to using a cell phone, however, I am quite displeased at the ridiculous cost of data and and fact that via Republic, I cannot even download an app. Ah, times are a changin’, aren’t they?


I’m confused by this statement as in your earlier post you mention paying $11.41 for unlimited calling and texting. There is not and never was a Republic plan that offered cell data for $11.41 per month. All Republic plan structures (new and grandfathered) offer the option of cell data presuming coverage in one’s area.

If you’re genuinely interested in your options for cell data with Republic, please share with us what is said for your current plan when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless.

Another possibility with your Moto G1 is there simply isn’t enough storage space remaining on the phone to download more apps. This article from a fellow member though aimed at another storage constrained phone might help if that’s the case: Moto E: Make the most of your phone's available storage.


“I’m confused by this statement as in your earlier post you mention paying $11.41 for unlimited calling and texting.”

When I first signed up with Republic which was a good 5 years ago, I could have used the internet via my phone. I chose not to. I also do not have the inclination to learn new technology. IMHO, it represents a huge waste of time. At the time, I was in school and swamped with home work. NOW, I am continuing to pay the $10 plus taxes for unlimited calling and texting. That’s whst I meant.

“There is and never was a Republic plan that offered cell data for $11.41 per month.”

My understanding was that intially, I could access the internet with this phone if I chose to. I think you are mistaken.

NOW, I find I cannot even download an app without committing to a higher monthly bill. I recently purchased a new MOTO phone and after looking into data prices, decided against keeping the phone and returned it.

It is possible that my MOTO G phone is no longer supported by Republc which I believe is an accurate statement.

That is most likely the reason WHY I cannnot use it to download anything. And I could be wrong.

I am neither an Android nor Google fan. My concern is all the advertisements that come to my home computer whether I like it or not. And the trend toward doing banking via a cell phone. Way, way too risky! (Remember, I did not grow up using computers so in that respect I am somewhat at a disadvantage.)

I am not the least bit intereted in paying for advertising data in addition to charges to my account for using data that I am really interested in.

It appears to me to be similar to owning a boat or a motorhome. They are both money pits. I am retired and simply am not willing to pay, pay, pay. So I am cautious. Life experience.



The Moto G 1st Gen is still supported on either the grandfathered 1.0 plans [$10 unlimited talk and text, or $25 talk and text and data unlimited* {3gen speeds and throttled after 5GB}], or the 2.0 Refund plan [$10 base which includes unlimited talk and text and $15 per GB {with a 1/2GB for $7.50 option} with unused data refunded back to you at end of billing cycle]
The Moto G shouldm even on the $10 plan, be able to download an app on WiFi unless there is no more room left in the device [the Moto G came in 8GB and 16GB versions and both those are small in today’s Android world


Hi @morganb.tyo1di,

Our $10 Talk and Text plan has always included internet access over Wi-Fi, but not over cell.

You have always been able to, and continue to be able to, download an app over Wi-Fi without any additional charge to your monthly service fee. Doing so via cellular data has never been included in the $10 Talk and Text plan.

If you’re having trouble adding apps to the phone over Wi-Fi, we’d be glad to explore that with you.

The only phone Republic Wireless has discontinued support for is the Optimus S. Your Moto G continues to be supported and no changes from Republic Wireless would be affecting your ability to download apps. We’ll be glad to help you figure out what the trouble might be, though.


I had that old plan and I think – morganb – that you just have a misunderstanding. You can ALWAYS download data for free IF and ONLY IF you do it on wi-fi. You CANNOT download data for free without a WI-FI connection. I upgraded from my Moto G 1 simply because I wanted the excellent camera and more storage space. I pay the base charge and use NO data. This is because I have wi-fi in my home and wi-fi is available in so many other places that I frequent. It is ONLY when you CANNOT connect to wi-fi that you will have to pay for data. Listen, I’m cheap. I don’t want to – and don’t pay for data. The Republic folks and their service are fine.


btw, I have the Moto 5G.


Thank you, Southpaw!
I regret not buying the MOTO G 16 gb version. I just saw one on ebay for $59, new and unlocked.

If I were to buy that phone to use with Republic in place of my current 8 gb, can you tell me what my costs would be? Would I still be able to use my current $10 plan or would my cost go up?


This specific G3 is unlikely to be compatible with Republic. Legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) must be Republic specific. If one of these phones is represented as being unlocked or working on other networks, it won’t work with Republic.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no Republic specific legacy phones being sold new. The newest of these phones was last manufactured in 2015. Republic offers advice for sourcing previously used legacy phones here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. In the event, you source a previously used Republic legacy phone, there would be no change to your plan or its cost.


Roland, if you have accurate information, I’m willing to take the time to read your posts. Please do no speculate.


I’m uncertain where you think I’m speculating. An “unlocked” Moto G 1st or 3rd Generation model won’t work on Republic. Republic’s legacy phones used a modified Android operating system to make them compatible with Republic’s blended WiFi cell service. If interested in a legacy phone (necessary to keep your current plan), they’re increasingly difficult to find used never mind new and must be Republic specific.

The ability to use certain carrier agnostic factory unlocked phones several generations of Moto Gs beginning with the 4th generation among them) is a benefit of Republic’s 3.0 platform introduced in August of 2016. 3.0 phones in turn require use of My Choice plans.

None of the above is speculation. I’m genuinely trying to help you.