What is a comparable replacement for Huawei Ascend 5W phone?

what is a comparable replacement for Huawei Ascend 5W phone?

Good Morning @kennethr.v47une,

In terms of performance any phone currently sold at Republic’s online store would be a significant upgrade coming from Huawei’s Ascend 5W. In terms of user interface, no current Republic compatible phone is exactly like the Ascend.

I suggest taking a look at Samsung’s Galaxy A series phones. Presuming the budget allows for it, I’d further suggest the Galaxy A12 at a minimum. If the budget will stretch the Galaxy A32 5G provides some future-proofing being compatible with both 4G LTE and emerging 5G networks.

5G is absolutely not a requirement at this point but a nice to have. 4G LTE (supported by all current Republic compatible phones) will be sufficient for some years to come.


Might I suggest the Motorola E:

Very inexpensive like the Ascend was. I personally prefer Moto phones because they are pretty much stock Android and good value for the money. If you are a long time Samsung user, then you are used to the changes made by Samsung to the Android interface and maybe even use some of Samsung’s preloaded Apps, so staying with the “A” series like the A12 would be good.

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Though later sold by Republic at a considerable discount, if I remember correctly, the Ascend originally sold at Republic’s online store for $179. It just goes to show how far phone performance has come since 2016-2017.

I generally agree, however, the Ascend’s UI is anything but stock Android. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to Add:

When purchasing a phone at Best Buy for use with Republic, one will not pay the advertised price “with activation today” as Best Buy does not activate phones with Republic. One will pay the generally higher “Activate later” price.

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