What is a compatible "brand" for the S6? Is the S6 Edge + compatible?


I’m already a long-term happy republic wireless customer. My girlfriends IPhone decided to fry itself (literally cooked itself and smells burnt,) so I am convertering her over to Android + Republic Wireless.

Our top picks for a new phone for her would be the S6 Edge +. Is this phone compatible?
If not, which “Brand” of the SM-G920T is compatible? When searching ebay it seems it’s almost ALWAYS T-Mobile and occasionally Metro PCs. However it says in the phone compatibility list that t-mobile models are not supported…

Pretty sure the “T” in G920T means t-mobile…


The Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE is NOT compatible with Republic
Only the North American Factory Unlocked model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is compatible, unfortunately Samsung used the same model number for both the North American Factory Unlocked and the T-MOBILE version and it made more of the T-MOBILE version so it is hard to find the correct version. Only the build numbers listed in the supported phones list are supported.

(Moderator’s note: Copied and pasted list of compatible phones replaced with a link to documentation to avoid confusion later on if the list should ever change.)


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