What is "activating visual voicemail"

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In the Google phone app, in the Voicemail tab, I get a message saying:

Activating visuial voicemail, with an explanation, and then a link of “Call Voicemail”.

What is “visual voicemail” ? I have been getting the normal voicemail messages. Why should I activate visual voicemail and what am I supposed to answer if I do so ? Is this my Republic pin I am supposed to give.

Hi @eldiener,


This “Activating Visual Voicemail” message can be ignored. There is a difference of opinion between the Google Phone app, Google’s servers, and our service as to whether or not your voicemail is syncing to the phone.

Visual voicemail is a list of your voicemail messages, showing you the contact information, date and time of the call, plus allowing you to press a “play” button or “delete” button to manage the voicemail messages from the list.

The “Call voicemail” link will call into voicemail rather than reviewing them from a list on your phone screen. Calling in will require your voicemail PIN for your security. You can set your voicemail PIN from the Republic app. See:

I do not understand what “Visual voicemail” gets me if I still get my voicemail messages in the “Voicemail” tab of the Google phone app. Is this a Google update to the “Voicemail” tab ? Is this another tab in the Google phone app ? Is this a separate app I need to install on my phone once I follow the instructions for “Visual voicemail” ? In other words why do I need “Visual voicemail” if I already have the “Voicemail” tab working fine and I can listen or delete messages from that tab ?

The voicemails you see in your Phone app’s voicemail tab is visual voicemail. If you still see the voicemail tab, you needn’t worry further about visual voicemail. The dilemma is for many folks using Motorola and Google Pixel phones, the voicemail tab itself has gone missing.

I realized that I have not been seen any Voicemails since March 12. Does this mean I have received some voicemails but do not know about them ? How can I find out what the situation is ? Another Republic message says to delete Google Phone apps updates, but if I try to do that it says it will replace the app with the factory version, which sound scary to me.

If you dial into voicemail; do you have voicemails there not showing in the Phone app?

It’s nothing to be concerned about. That said, if your Phone app’s voicemail tab is working correctly, there is no need to fix it.

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If I dial my own number it asks me for a password. Is this my Republic pin ? When I try that pin it says the password is not correct.

Hi @eldiener,

No your voicemail password and Republic account PIN are not necessarily the same. For how to set your voicemail password, please see here:

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It says that my Voicemail password is on, but I do not remember setting it on and have no idea what the password is, if it is not my Republic pin. Is there a way I can reset this without knowing what my current password is ?

Simply follow the directions at the link provided above and you can just set a new VM PIN.

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Hi @eldiener,

When you open the Phone app, do you see a “voicemail” tab at the bottom?

If so, you can disregard the e-mail you received and all the other conversations about this topic.

The issue many people are experiencing is not about failing to receive voicemail. It’s about being unable to find that voicemail tab in the phone app.

“Visual voicemail” is the name for that voicemail tab and the list of your voicemail messages. It’s nothing new being added to your phone.

Ok, thanks ! This all seems to be caused by the Google phone app continuously displaying the “Activate visual voicemail” message in the Voicemail tab, even after this has already been done. I am a computer programmer and such idiotic programming is what gives programmers a bad name. Someone should tell Google about this ! Hopefully Rebublic Wireless has already done so.

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There have been several “fun surprises” from updates to Google apps over this last week. I’m hoping “April Fool’s Week” is almost over at Google HQ. :crossed_fingers:

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The “Activate visual voicemail” message predated April 1 by a lot.

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