What is address of republic wirelesss

what is the address of republic wireless


Here’s the simple answer.

Please read Bitflung’s answer.

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Seems that I am wrong since they have relocated, per info provided in Rolandh’s post

Hi @stephenm.eb131w,

Republic has relocated their offices within the last week, so I’m uncertain it’s valid but a mailing address for Republic is here: Getting Help from Republic. Please know Republic accepts neither payments or returns at that address.

Well, they just moved this past week. I don’t see any evidence of an updated address anywhere. Bandwidth is still at the old address, so presumably correspondence would be forwarded.

Terms of Use (Website)

Bankruptcy Contact Information

Republic updated both these document last week with new address

Republic Wireless, Inc.

Attention: Bankruptcy Administration Venture I

940 Main Campus Drive, STE 300

Raleigh, North Carolina 27606

Hi @stephenm.eb131w,

I’ve found your support ticket on this matter. Someone will be in touch with you from the support ticket and can take the information you need to send us Our returns center would not be able to get the information you’re wanting to send to the right place, but I believe we can do so through your support ticket.

Please watch for a reply in your E-mail, or check on it now and then by signing in here:


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