What is click-update.com?

I just opened my phone and Firefox came up, with a request from ‘click-update.com’ wanting to install some kind of optimizing app on the phone. I can’t find anything from a web search about it. What is it, and is it malware? How did it pop up spontaneously on my Firefox new tab?

Oh, and the ‘Cancel’ button is inconveniently grayed out. It says “It is recommended that you update the Cleaner for your Samsung”. It claims it wants to install the ‘latest update’ - sounds suspicious because I’ve never installed one (just got it a week or so ago).

And it had a countdown timer, but nothing happened when it went to zero.

I would begin malware mitigation efforts immediately.

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Just installed and ran Total Defense, it found only a Barcode Scanner app that had excessive adware. Wonder if that could have been it. That click-update in a new tab didn’t happen on my old MotoZPlay phone, but it was 5 years old.

I had a barcode scanner once that constantly presented malware. That may be it.