What is draining battery on Motorola Z Play

My wife and I both have a new Motorola Z Play. Although I use my phone more than she does, her battery is draining faster than mine.

Any suggestions on what to look for that may be wearying up battery time?

What does the battery discharge graph say?

Two finger swipe down from the top -> Tap on Battery percentage

This should show you all the apps/services using the battery since the last full charge.

My guess might be that she has the Facebook and/or Messenger (Facebook’s instant messaging app) app(s) running in the background. These apps are both huge drains on the battery regardless of whether or not you’re actually using them. Just the fact that they are on your phone means that they will constantly running in the background of you’re phone using up RAM/CPU/battery. Like @amitl said though, you can look at the specific battery consumption of her phone to see what the culprit is.

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