What is going on with MotoG 5 plus and RW? 3 big deal breaker problems


  1. microphone is missing on my keyboard when I send texts. I have bad fingers and only use the mic.
    Also If
  2. i go outside my home, I lose wifi and when I come back in I have to reboot to get wifi back.
    3)when my phone is on my desk 12 inches from my router my phone calls will go to voicemail
    I am very unhappy with RW and these problems are deal breakers for me!
    I just rebooted 2 times and nothing changed!
  1. Which texting app are you using :anywhere: Anywhere or :messages: Android Messages

    You’ll need to ensure that the Android Messages app or Republic Anywhere is installed and set as the default messaging app. While other messaging apps may work, those listed above are the only suppotted

  2. & 3. Sounds like you may be having basic WiFi problems.
    Please start wit Quick Start #1 & #2 from Router Tweaks and post back results

Anywhere app which I installed a couple of weeks ago. The problem started this morning. How do I get the other one back? The Anywhere app started making a clicking sound this morning too when I type. It basically was the same as the RW app so I did not mind it.
I had my computer tech rest my router a few days ago and it worked fine and he added a 5g to my phone along with the the 2.5 Do we even have 5g available? I did a screen shot from the analyzer but have no idea what it means. I also do not know where the screenshot went on my phone

Does this help any? I hope this is safe to post this here

  • You would open the App drawer :appsicon: and find the Android Messages :messages: … when you select it you will get the option to Change SMS app
  • Apparently you have no neighbors nearby? that looks like a single clean signal, plenty strong from what can be seen and shows no one else interfering (this is usually good)
  • You have both bands WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) per specs
  • Would you load Ookla Speed Test and run it, screen shot not necessary, just run a couple time and note the up/down speeds as well as ping/jitter and loss

Not sure this will work

See picture above but now I have a bigger problem. I uninstalled my message apps and now my screen is blank except for my home screen… I rebooted and still everything is gone

  • You didn’t need to uninstall either the Android Messages or Republic Anywhere. You can only have one active at a time and they both provide the ability to set them. You may have to download from Google play if you can find the missing one in the :appsicon:
  • Nice job on the screenshot … which one is yours? (name)

Did you see the message that the all the app icons are gone off of my home screen? I mean all that is there is the wall paper and the little icons at the very top. It happened when I uninstalled the anywhere app

Open the :appsicon: find the Icon and drag it to your Home screen, once you get them there you can move them around to where you want

I can’t get to the icon because it is not on the home screen

Ok I got it working but microphone is not on the Anywhere app. I cannot find then native app in the app drawer. So what do I do now? I went to re-install the native app and said it was already installed on my phone.
Can some one pass on the the microphone just disappeared from the Anywhere app

Do you mean the Microphone icon on the Gboard(keyboard app) that allows you to do voice to text dictation?

Yes it just disappeared this morning

In the settings for Gboard, under Preferences, “Voice Input Key” check that option is enabled.
Assuming that Gboard is your default keyboard.

Why did it just disappear this morning?

Not sure. Perhaps it updated and the setting got reset.
Seen that happen on things before.

When I press on the G there are no preferences.

Long press the comma key, that pulls up the settings menu.

OK I get it thank you!

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