What is going on with RW and their phones?

What is going on with RW and their phones?

  1. I have a G6 and bought daughter one a little over a month ago. Most of the time she cannot connect to either cell or wifi. Republic sent me a new sim card for T Mobile before she set it up. Her zip code is 28128. She moved from a G3 with Sprint. It came with a Sprint Sim that would not activate the phone.
    Our zip code for the 2 phones listed below is 28658

  2. I have a G6 and it has become very slow ( I am not a big user Only a few calls and texts and not everyday) and some times it takes a re-boot for the wifi to come back on.

  3. Today we were out shopping and hubby tried to call me from his Moto G5 Plus to tell me where he was parked. He was not too happy limping into the store to tell where he was parked. It said “emergency calls” only and there was a brief message about a sim card error but I did not catch it all before is disappeared. When I returned to the car, my G6 was working on cell just fine but his still had the error.

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

That you are experiencing multiple different issues on multiple different phones is not a sign that something is going on with RW and our phones. Hundreds of thousands of people are using our phones every day without incident.

Let’s start with your phone.

Slowness has nothing to do with RW or our service. We can’t do something to slow down how your phone performs. Slowness typically means an app on the phone is hogging resources. Re-booting to reconnect to the Wi-Fi is something we’d need to explore with far more details. You recently worked through an issue in Community that was solved by rebooting your router, so this could even be related to your network. Are you having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in other locations?

Please see if these steps set his phone straight:

For your daughter, did she keep the GSM SIM card, or move back the CDMA SIM card once she got activated? Coverage in her area on GSM is listed as “fair” which is not usually a great experience. I’d like to better understand whether the inability to activate the phone on CDMA was deemed permanent.


Just to make sure the CDMA SIM card came with the Moto G6 and is not from the G3 (that SIM is linked to the Moto G3 and can not be used in other phones)

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Yes it fixed the problems when I restarted the router. Where do I find how much each app is using, G6 I only have my fitbit connected to bluetooth.
G5 plus I don’t know when his phone updated. He uses it less than mine. He has never used the camera. In fact he does not want to know how it works.
The thing about our daughters phone I asked before I bought it and was told she had coverage in her zip code. I was not told it was “fair”. The GMS was in the G6 when it arrived. It came from Amazon but Motorola I believe was the actual seller because they answered all the questions posed on Amazon. Motorola was sold out on their site and Amazon had a better price anyway.
The GMS worked better with the G3. She lives 2 hours away and I was on the phone with her (she has a landline) and there was an error message about the Sim Card when she turned on the phone for the first time. So she removed it and put in the CDMA card to activate. She works 80+ hours a week so I have to do a lot of things for her.

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

I’m not following what your husband’s use of the camera has to do with the error you saw or the article I sent, but please try the steps in that article on his phone and let us know if it returns it to a normal operating state.

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion around your daughter’s phone. Let’s back up a bit and make sure we’re both using the same words to mean the same things so we can communicate clearly.

Your daughter’s G3 didn’t have a GMS anything in it.
It had a SIM card. Specifically, it had a CDMA SIM card that can only, ever, be used in that Moto G3. It should always stay in that G3. It sounds like she had good coverage on the Moto G3. Coverage on the G3 was provided through our partnership with Sprint.

Phones ordered from Amazon do not arrive with Republic Wireless SIM cards installed. If we sent her a SIM card for a phone bought elsewhere, and if you were told coverage would be “fair” then she was sent a SIM card that provides coverage through our partnership with T-Mobile. T-Mobile defines their “fair” coverage as “Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors.” That’s probably not the experience she had on the Moto G3 with Sprint coverage. Coverage in 28128 on the Sprint coverage map is indicated as “Excellent”. I’d take Excellent over Fair any day!

I’ll be glad to send her SIM card that would move her phone back to the Sprint coverage she enjoyed before, but I’d need to review her ticket history and the history of her phone before doing so, to be sure there’s not some reason this phone cannot be moved to a CDMA SIM card. Do you happen to have a ticket number where she was helped before?

I want to let the Community dive into what might be going on with your phone, if they will be so kind.

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Nothing to do with the camera, he just never uses the phone and the one rare time it did, it did not work.
Daughter was on RW with the G3.
She has no ticket history, it is all on mine account. She does not have much time working 80 hours plus a week running heavy equipment so I do a lot for her. RW offered to send a free CDMA card and I had it shipped to her house. I had the phone shipped to her house too. RW did not tell about the zip code. I believe I asked here. Actually she has 2 sim cards because I bought one on Amazon for a $1 and there was one in the phone, they were GMS. Will the GMS card work on the G6 she has?

Her G3 was on Republic Wireless, but we don’t build our own cell towers. We provide cellular coverage through partnerships with Sprint or T-Mobile. The G3’s cellular coverage was provided through our partnership with Sprint.

The GSM SIM card provides coverage through our partnership with T-mobile. That’s the “Fair” coverage she is experiencing now. I will try to research her phone to see if we can send her a SIM card that will move her to the “Excellent” coverage through our partnership with Sprint.

Where is that SIM card now? If she could please install that SIM card and activate it, I beleive her coverage would be improved.

She has both of the GSM cards. I will tell her when she calls me. Will that card work in the G6?

Yes, the SIM card that the Help Team sent to your daughter’s address is specifically for her Moto G6.

No RW sent a CMDA card or am I wrong? Could they have sent the wrong card from RW?
It came with GMS and I bought one on Amazon for $1.00 and is shipped with the phone but there was a GMS in the phone when it arrived.

There is a post above. I just looked at the ticket so it must have been here that I was told that she needed the CMDA card. I would not have know that information unless I had been told that

I have verified that they sent the right card.

I would recommend to restart your phone in Safe Mode and see if you have better WiFi performance in that mode. If that works, then the issue might be one of your downloaded apps and you will need to uninstall them one by one to figure out which one is causing the issues

Ok so I found both cards and they both say only a fair signal. When will 5G lite come out?
Norwood, NC 28128, USA

Data: 4G LTE

Make calls, send texts, browse the Internet, and stream music and video.

Signal: Fair

I’m not understanding what this means. There’s nothing on the card that indicates what your signal will be.

I found an old message on the forum to check GMS and CDMA coverage and they both say “fair” for each one of those cards for her zip code. 4G Lite

Since she was happy with her coverage on the Moto G3, please have her try the SIM card that was sent by our Help team.

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Why is it every time my hubby gets away from home he has no connection? Re-starting and re-booting does nothing. This is Moto G5 Plus. He is so frustrated because the only reason he has a phone in the first place is to keep in touch with me when he is running errands. He was only 10 miles from home! Heck if he breaks down he can not even call a tow truck because it is only emergency calls only. Does this have anything to do with the update to Oreo? I looked to see if there is an update and it says there is none. He was still in our zip code when this happened? 28658
I used this phone for a few years and bought the G6 and never had a problem with no cell service anywhere I went

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

I can’t know exactly why he’s having this issue, but I can provide steps to take to troubleshoot and try to figure it out.

The first steps, for the symptoms you are describing on a Moto G5 Plus are the steps in the article I sent you yesterday.

Please let us know after those steps are followed, whether there is any improvement.

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