What is my account number for porting out?

I want to change my service from Republic Wireless to Visible (a Verizon company) and they want my account number. I cannot find my Republic Wireless account number when I log into my account. I thought this would be extremely easy to find, but I’m wrong. Where can I find it?

Hi @tads.wvr68b and welcome to the Community!

For purposes of porting a number away from Republic, the account number is the 10-digit phone number being ported without dashes. Details on what else is needed to port out are here:

For what it’s worth, if you’re not aware of it, Republic has new plans described here:

When I sign into my account, one of the menu choices is “My Lines”. Under My Lines is a choice to “Transfer my account out.” My account number is displayed on that page. I don’t see the same option for my wife’s phone which is on the same account.

Thank you!