What is my sip end point address?

I have a Pixel 3a and the Extend Home adapter.

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First I would like to say that the Extend Home adapter has improved my over all experience with republic wireless for personal and business use. That coupled along with the desktop “Anywhere” app simplifies my business communication more than I can say. Great job!!! I recommend your service to anybody willing to listen.

That said, I am in the middle of debugging some business phone systems that integrate with the Twilio application programming interface. To the point, Twilio charges 1 tenth the amount per minute to connect to a sip end point verses a cell phone number. Is it possible Republic Wireless could disclose to me, my sip end point so I can integrate it with my business Twilio call center?

I do understand that this request isn’t in the standard wheelhouse of supported customer service features but it sure would be cool if you could provide this information to me. I don’t know if I can convert my entire call center over to Republic Wireless but that would be my preference if this could be done.

Thanks for your consideration,
Happy RW customer - Jonathan

Hi @jonathanh.krcnzs,

I agree were Republic to provide SIP credentials, it would indeed be most cool. That said, based on history, it’s extremely unlikely, in my opinion, Republic would do so.

In fairness, there are both security and support considerations for Republic and Extend Home is no additional cost after paying for the device. I do not know of another VoIP provider not charging for ongoing service and support that does supply SIP credentials.

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I have tried the basics:

It would be nice if the RW App would publish the sip address in the diagnostic test results. That would be a simple way to provide access to this amazing capability, without providing official support.

Hi, I’m the blunt one around here. This is precisely why Republic won’t share credentials. Notice the name of the SIP product: “Extend HOME”. There are lots of products designed for call centers, they are usually by the minute, for good reason. That’s not what this is for.

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On the other hand, companies that quietly innovate, as RW often does, often find that value is found in their service in unexpected places. For example, my house has a steel roof that blocks most cell service so RW is perfect for me, as is the “Extend Home” product. I have myself and my children all on RW service as a result, even though there are cheaper services out there.

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Less expensive, depending upon one’s use case perhaps, but as you observe not necessarily offering more value.

Look I would be with you on the coolness factor, however, without meaning to be argumentative I believe you’re being unrealistic. If Republic were to do as you ask, all they would be “innovating” on is price. There are ample suppliers of business VoIP service in the market. I don’t know of one who offers enterprise class service (typically what a call center would be considered though I have no idea what your volume is) for $15 per month.

For example, Anveo offers its business subscription package for $40-$45/month and I suspect that pricing may not include call centers. Callcentric offers an enterprise level “service provider unlimited” option that is available to call centers at $20/month but only inbound calls would be unlimited. Outbound calls would be metered on top of that by the minute. There are a myriad of wholesale SIP trunking providers beyond those two examples.

Republic’s intended market is consumers and maybe to an extent small businesses (neither of which call centers are usually thought of as). For those use cases, Republic is offering additional value with Extend Home. Call centers are simply not a target market. Could Republic enter that market? It certainly could. Should Republic do so at a flat $15/month, only if the intent was to go out of business.


Sip end point information is no different than a phone number in my opinion. This conversation isn’t yours to hijack and start making it about call centers. This question is a simple question about using my equipment, that I bought from RW, in the manner that I see fit. If republic wireless is willing to take a flying leap toward the future, great!

I am going to be receiving these calls, one way or another and all I am asking for is the simple curtesy from RW of allowing me to use the product I bought from them in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

Hi @jonathanh.krcnzs,

Welcome back to our Member Community.

I’m willing to take your request to the right team, but please understand that typically @rolandh and @louisdi know a lot more about the telecom industry than I do, and they are more than likely right as to what the answer will be. I see no harm in asking, though.

That would be the SIP address for the phone. You have a different SIP address for the Extend Home adapter. You’re wanting the one for the Extend Home adapter, right?

What you would you estimate your call volume to be for each SIP address you’d eventually hope to use this way?

I had no idea it was different. In that case, well both would be nice but the “Extend Home” if I could only have one.

I personally only receive less than 8 calls a day. However in the unlikely event that I can convert the entire team, we have 6 people taking a total of 200 calls a day.

The Problem is you bought a service from Republic, not an unlocked ATA to use as you see fit. The service happens to be delivered via a locked ATA that provides a single line service. Nowhere does Republic mention a SIP service, or even mention an ATA, or anything like that. You bought a particular thing, and now you’re trying to turn it into something else. This isn’t a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of completely changing what you bought.


Thanks, and thank you for the shirt and stickers (that was quite a while ago) . I wore that shirt until it had holes in it :slight_smile: and my wife made me throw it away.

Please forgive me for pointing this out, however, it was you who first raised call centers.

I understand that, and you are completely right. I am able to use the product exactly as advertised. It works great! You guys did a great job making it awesome, and it is!

No problem.

My hope is that SIP forwarding is locked down pretty tight. Otherwise I would expect frequent SIP attacks to bring down the network.

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@ jonathanh.krcnzs, I’m with you on this one. I posted essentially the same request some months ago.

I think it’d be great if Republic would devote some small resources to enabling this on a per-member basis on request and with their approval on the understanding that no support would be provided and the access could be removed at any time.

I’d like to integrate Home Extend with my home Asterisk PBX so I don’t have to do something lame like use Home Extend to convert digital RW to analog, then take that signal and use another device to convert analog back to digital, introducing all of the extra latency and other lameness only to continue using the RW service as it’s intended and not abusing it. But I suspect we’re in the vast minority here and won’t get much attention.

Hi @jonathanh.krcnzs and @johnl.gamae0,

Thanks for your interest in using alternate SIP clients with your Republic Wireless service. There has been thought and discussion addressed to these requests, however, the final decision is that we will not be sharing the SIP credentials for these alternate uses.

I’m sorry that’s not the answer you were hoping to hear, and thank you for your patience while the requests were under consideration.


Thank you for your consideration. I understand the position RW has taken on this rather odd request of mine. Most companies would not have even considered the request. The fact that your replied at all is a testament of your quality of customer service. As for me, one of the the previously mentioned providers that specializes in VOIP/SIP services appears to have a reasonable solution for me.

Again, many thanks!


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