What is "no routes found" when making a call?

Trying to make a call and suddenly getting a recording “no routes found” spoken by a (creepy) male voice. I am seeing this as an issue for many phones/carriers dating back to 2011 but no solutions. Doesn’t make a difference whether on wifi or cell. Anyone have a solution? I cannot make a call! Thanks!

I’m getting this same message. Curious if it’s a systemic issue? https://status.republicwireless.com/ is listing no issues.

I’m getting the same message. “No routes found”. Unable to make phone calls to certain people.

Same here…both my phone…and my mothers.
Definitely some issue going on.
Keep eye on https://status.republicwireless.com/

Anaheim CA. Get same message on all outbound calls. Can receive calls and send texts. Wi-Fi works for Internet. Could this have something to do with the partner system maintenance on 9/8?

Getting the same message, started about when original poster posted the question… Something’s definitely going on! Just suddenly unable to make or receive any calls or texts. Central TX here!

Cypress, CA. Exact same issue happening on my RW .5yr-old MotoX: I can receive calls, but I can’t send them due to this “no routes found” error message.

This page https://status.republicwireless.com/ says “We are currently investigating reports of some members being unable to place calls over WiFi.” …but I can’t place an outgoing call whether Wifi is toggled on or off. Wifi calls through What’sApp are working fine now, so it must be a cell/data issue. Rebooted, force-stopped the phone app, toggled Wifi and airplane mode, everything, but nothing has helped…

Add central Illinois to the list too. Original Moto X. No Calls out over data or cel. No Calls in.

Update: Now working here for the time being.

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have an old Moto E. I am on the buy back minutes plan. My plan includes data. Tonight when I tried to call some relatives. I get the message in a male voice-- “no routes found.” I did call a fellow Republic member and got through to him. What the heck is going on?

Hi @ginar.ccixqr, @davejl, @shengs, @SpeedingCheetah, @chrisp, @kristenthegwb, @kerryk.2mrc23, @justin_sayne, and @elizabethml,

We experienced a temporary routing incident overnight from about 11:30 p.m. ET until about 2:15 a.m. ET. Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention in Community. Our engineers updated the Status page once the incident was confirmed, and we appreciate your turning there for updates to the situation! Please let us know if normal calling has not been restored for you.


California (SF Bay Area) here. Moto playz and Moto g7. Experienced same problem from aprox. 9:30 last night until this AM on both phones. Can call now…10:30 A.M. Wierd and worrisome.
What hay🤔

It was a one time incident, and honestly I’ve been with Republic from the beta days, and it’s been very rare that these happen.

You should be fine now.


Calling is working again for me…but now…it doing that thing when someone calls, my phone will ring for half 1 ring, then act as if no one ever called…

We have been with RW since ‘wave L” and are happy with the service, wouldn’t change, period ! But I would REALLY love to know how this happened ! How is important, at least to me. I hope RW will be able to figure it out and let us know.
Until I know how it happened I will be pretty uneasy, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

Wave L here as well.

It was almost certainly just a minor server issue because it was fixed rather quickly. And I was one that was in very early on the issue and reporting it.

As an “Expert” I help answer some support tickets and chats, and at least one person noted significant “down” networks all over the country being reported.

Republic isn’t perfect but it’s a very, very good service. Every service out there will occasionally have a failure, but the goal is to keep these as minimal as possible.


Hi @shari2,

Everyone has outages from time to time even the big boys: https://outage.report/us/verizon-wireless/map. These unfortunate events aren’t limited to Republic.

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I actually transferred my business service off Verizon after my phone had no calling/texting for over 24 hours last week without even an acknowledgement on their part (despite hundreds of reports on down detector). Then the next day T-Mobile was down according to press reports.

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Whattttttttt? And what happened? Just want to know why…how,
Thanks for your input :heart_eyes_cat:

I understand that…I just want to know how/why… hackers??? Glitch in system…:scream::interrobang::interrobang: Republic Rules​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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