What is Republic's value proposition?

I recently received a Galaxy S7 was quite happy since I figured I would replace my aging MotoX (first gen), although it would increase my monthly bill (I am on the cash back plan…don’t recall the name). And then I realized that the S7 I have won’t work with Republic since it was originally on the ATT network (runs 930A firmware). So, here I am, with a nice phone but not compatible with my service.

I started looking for alternatives- There is no Nougat version released yet for S7 (for 930U). So I can’t flash the phone and make it work with Republic.

I looked at other providers and I guess its been a while since I looked around, because I found many providers selling plans for $20-$25 for 1GB/2GB data+unlimited call & text. Some also have the option of adding international roaming when required (sure would have helped me last 3 times I was out of the country). And they have wifi calling too. I checked Ultramobile, MintSim (TMo), Boom (Verizon) etc.

So, it has got me thinking- what is Republic’s value proposition now? They are priced similarly, do wifi like others, don’t have the option for international, have restrictions on the phones that can be used…

Why would one want to stay with Republic? Am I missing something?


Sadly, Republic has moved from “cutting-edge tech at bargain-basement prices” to JAM - Just Another MVNO.

If you’re happy with what they offer for the price they ask, enjoy your stay. If you’re looking for a little more and or to pay a little less, there are, as you’ve seen, myriad options. The choice, I guess, boils down to Brand Loyalty (stay with republic) or Maximizing Value (go shopping).


Hmm. I really didn’t plan to move from Republic… and much as I would like to stay, I can’t justify spending $500 on a phone while I have one I like…if only they didn’t have the specific phone requirement… Why won’t a phone that runs on TMobile’s network directly not run via Republic?


Republic has only approved the North American Factory unlocked variants of any phone on their list

international and carrier variants will have minor hardware and core software that may not react to the Republic hybrid VOIP first/Cell networks

oping up to carrier version would mean they would have to go though testing these variants and the work load for this is too much for republic at this time (a case in point the AT&T version may not have all the bands that the GSM partner uses and would not have CDMA radio fr the CDMA partner like the North American Unlock one does


There are indeed worthy competitors in the market.

Overall, Ultra Mobile seems a tad more expensive than Republic. For example, $29 gets you 2GB of cell data but only the 1st GB is 4G LTE. The 2nd GB is 3G. $19 gets you 100 MB of 4G LTE cell data with unlimited talk and text. $20 at Republic gets you 1GB of 4G LTE cell data. Ultra’s plans reference “roaming credit”. It’s not clear whether that’s voice, data or both. I’ll grant Ultra has the advantage for international calling and is how they’ve traditionally differentiated themselves in the market.

To get Mint SIM’s best pricing one must commit to at least three months and that’s not refundable should things not work out. According, to their website, the very attractive 3-month pricing is promotional for new customers. It seems unlikely to me the next three months will be priced as attractively. One can get similar monthly net cost, if one is willing to make a year’s commitment (again non-refundable). My understanding is Mint SIM offers no tethering (use of phone as a mobile hotspot) or roaming (voice or data).

Of the alternatives you mention, Boom is the most interesting. Again, it’s unclear if any roaming (voice or data) is available. Arguably, that matters less on Verizon’s network though Boom also offers Sprint and T-Mobile. For whatever reason, tethering and visual voicemail is limited to iPhones. If Boom is willing to activate your AT&T branded S7, that would be my choice of those mentioned.

Bottom line (for me) is Republic offers value for my dollar at what I feel is a fair price. That said, I’ve never been a believer in one size fits all. If another choice is better for someone else, so be it. I do encourage folks to make the best apples to apples comparison they can, which isn’t easy to do.

If you do decide to go, I would add H2O wireless to your comparisons. Their customer service has always had a poor reputation, but they are a value priced AT&T MVNO (since you would be bringing an AT&T customized phone anyway).


Indeed, all valid points about Ultra, Mint, Boom and H2O.

Boom now has Visual Voicemail and tethering on Android too, per recent press release, although parts of their website continues to mention iPhone only.

H2O doesn’t appear to support visual voicemail (nor call forwarding which would open up ways to overcome the lack of visual voicemail) nor wifi calling. So, H2O is sort of out of the list.

I guess I have to reluctantly look out for alternatives. Been with Republic for 5 years…

Let us know what you choose.

I went with Teltik. They are a TMo business reseller. $20 for 2GB plus TMo extras (binge on, international roaming for text and data etc.). Of course, my ATT branded phone was acceptable and worked fine on TMo, except for wi-fi calling. That is fixable (if one is a little tech saavy)…

The port out was smooth- put the request in at night, number was ported when I woke up.

Guess it is goodbye Republic. The Republic experience was fine, Sprint was so-so.


Watch out for those sleek business resellers. Many times they are violating their T-Mobile contracts by letting people use Binge-on etc. Usually when they are caught, T-Mobile abruptly ends the contract which may result in you losing your number. Notable companies which this has happened to: Blue-Green Mobile and Harbor mobile (probably among others which I haven’t heard or researched).

Edit: That’s Interesting…looks like Teltik is related to Harbor Mobile… Watch out!


Yes, I know about it. The number is now ported to Google voice to insulate myself from abrupt service issues.

You do need to have a verified business in order to obtain service through Teltik.

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