What is the advantage of Anywhere over other supported SMS apps?


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I just activated a second RW phone and am in the process of transferring the number from AT&T.

When I activated the first phone it never occurred to me to install Anywhere on it and I don’t remember being prompted to do so.

When I activated the second phone a few days ago I was prompted for a whole bunch of things at the same time: 4 new versions of the OS, new versions of preinstalled apps, the RW app, and the Anywhere app. There was no guidance on what order to do these things, but as listed above is what I decided to do for various reasons.

I thought maybe the prompt to install Anywhere was a mistake, because the other things hadn’t been installed yet.

Now I’m seeing that people are actually installing Anywhere on the phone from which they would normally use the default SMS manager.

What is the advantage of this?

One thing I can think of would be to access phone B SMS from phone A (and vica versa.) Are there other reasons?

How do I access 2 phones SMS messages from a single computer? Is that even possible?

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Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

Hi @macb

On some phones (notably Samsung) the stock messaging app does not work properly with the Republic Service. The two supported apps are Android Messages and Republic Anywhere.

Yes, it is possible to view the text traffic for any phone on your Republic account but you can only look at one number at a time. You have to log out of Anywhere on the computer to switch to a different number. Here is a quote from the Anywhere FAQ:

What if there are multiple lines on my account? How do we each sign in?

The account owner must assign a user to an active service line on their account to allow that user access to the Anywhere service. Account owners have full access to messaging history, through the desktop app, for service lines that aren’t assigned to a specific user. For more information on how to assign users to service lines on your account, please read the “Assign This Phone” section of My Account.

Here’s a link to the FAQ:


I split this to its own topic since it was in the Anywhere Feature request thread and is not a feature request.


One way for two people to each access their messages on a single computer would be to create two users on that computer. When A is logged in A sees his/her stuff, when B is logged in B sees his/her stuff. This is why Windows permits multiple user accounts.

One Huge advantage is that with Anywhere on their PC a person can message from their PC if they lose or break their phone. Soon they will be able to call from their PC using Anywhere. The calling feature is in Beta now and works well for me.

My phone is a Samsung S7 but I have a Moto X (1st Gen) that is not activated. I can place WiFi calls and message from that inactive phone using the Beta version of Anywhere.


You can access phone A on phone B by using an app other than RWA as your default messaging app on B. You can then use RWA as you normally would on a desktop by logging in to access phone A.

The caveat though it does take a small bit of a workaround if phone B is activated with RW. I uninstalled RWA, disabled the RW app, reinstalled RWA, logged into RWA as another device and then chose to be associated with A’s number. Once that was done re-enabled the RW app. This works now but there may be issues after a simple app updates or other changes to the apps.

Any Beta testers out there doing this with the calling feature? Seems like it might be a way of having call forwarding from a RW line to another RW line?


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OK, I think I’m clear on it now.