What is the best way to transfer photos from old Moto Z Play to new Moto Z 4?

Please I need an answer like I’m a 1st grader :slight_smile:


Hi @joanh.3ije8n and welcome to the Community!

Please see if this helps:

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Yes, phone contacts and calendar transferred over effortlessly via Google - Photos did not. Phone already activated - didn’t think about photos until I had activated the phone.

Hin @joanh.3ije8n,

Does the article in my previous post help with getting your photos moved?

Unfortunately no, I don’t think I had properly backed up those photos. I’m wondering if there is an external device I could use to move photos from old phone to new phone?

Hi @joanh.3ije8n,

Theoretically, you could move them to a computer, then on to the new phone. It would be easier, however, to simply use Google Photos to back them up on the old phone. They would then sync to the new phone.

There’s some addiitonal guidance from Republic on moving content from phone to computer here:

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I was able to get some of my photos transferred via Google but not all of them. I may have to go the route you suggest above.

My computer does not recognize my phone. I’ll have to work on that. TX for all your help. Have a great day and stay safe!

On “my computer does not recognize my phone” - you could try another cable (some cables are for charging only). If you have Windows 10, another possibility I’ll paste from a similar thread: "I noticed if I pull down and go to the Gear (settings), click on “Connected Devices”, “USB”, it is set to “charging device”. I can then set it to “Transfer Files” and all is well too. I guess this is the way it is supposed to work. Charge by default, then if you want to move files, switch it to that. "


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