What is the data prioritization policy for the new 5.0 plans?

Does anyone know what the data prioritization policy (QCI) is for the new 5.0 plans?

In case you’re unfamiliar with QCI: Coverage Critic QCI Explained

Many AT&T MNVOs have a QCI of 8, which for AT&T is pretty good. However, other budget MNVOs (eg Mint) have a QCI of 9 on TMobile, which helps them save costs but results in poor data rates when the network is busy.

Is anyone at RW able to comment on the QCI for the new plans? If not, could someone on the new plans try following the steps here to find the QCI?

Hi @jonmm1776 and welcome to the Community!

Generally, on network depriotization, AT&T is least aggressive in terms of slowing down MVNO traffic. Verizon by orders of magnitude is the most aggressive. T-Mobile typically falls somewhere in between.

My instinct is Republic staff will not be able to comment specifically on QCI. They may not even to be able to identify AT&T as their network partner due to contractual obligations. Such contractual obligations are ridiculous (it’s widely known DISH and AT&T have an agreement for AT&T to provide network services for DISH’s MVNO brands including Republic) but common for the industry.

I don’t believe anyone outside internal staff testers yet has their hands on a new Republic SIM. They only went on sale Tuesday and are shipping via USPS. As soon as I’m able to get my hands on a new Republic SIM, I would be happy to try and determine the QCI but it’s looking like that would be next week, at best.

Do you know of a method that doesn’t require root?

Hi @rolandh , thanks for the prompt reply! I would greatly appreciate if you are able to find out the QCI value when your SIM arrives. Unfortunately I don’t know of a method besides the app mentioned in the article, which does require root access. I am in the process of determining if I’d like to stay with RW or switch to a different MNVO, and this is one of the factors I’m considering.

Thanks, and if you are willing to install the app, please keep me posted!

Hey @rolandh , I noticed on another thread that you were able to activate a new 5.0 plan. Congrats! I know there are about a million other things going on at RW right now, and a million other forum posts, but I’d really appreciate it if you are able to find the QCI value for the new 5.0 plan. As I mentioned above, this is a factor in our decision making process.

Or, if anyone else has an active 5.0 plan, I’d greatly appreciate it if you followed the steps in the first post in this thread and replied with the QCI value.


I have an active 5.0 plan. How do I find this value you are talking about? I have a moto G7 if that makes a difference running Android 10.

Republic Wireless offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the 5.0 plan. Perhaps you’d like to run the data yourself.

@mlk3454 There is a set of steps here which are roughly:

  1. Root your phone
  2. Install Network Signal Guru
  3. Navigate through the menus in the app using the screenshots in the link above

No worries if this is too much to ask, but if you’re feeling adventurous, please let me know how it turns out!

@cbwahlstrom This is a good idea, but unfortunately I’m using a Moto x4 right now and it does not appear to be supported under the 5.0 plans. I’ll gladly do the test myself if I can with this phone.

Hi @jonmm1776,

Due to confusion we often see from members who don’t understand the nature of an online forum and who often think anything they receive in their e-mail as a topic reply comes from staff, we would ask that you kindly refrain from inviting members to root their phones.

There is more to data speeds than a prioritization policy code. We would encourage members to take full advantage of our 30-day plan guarantee to test their phone speeds in a variety of situations and make sure the service meets their needs.

If you have an imperative need to upload HD video during peak volume situations, it may be that a value-oriented service provider is not the right match for you.

I looked into rooting and I’m not interested at this time. I’ve rooted other electronics without issue in the past but I won’t be getting anything out of this effort. Thanks for the info, I hope you can find your answer elsewhere.