What is the easiest way to upgrade and reorganize accounts?


Within my account, I have two refund plans and the old phones that go with the plans. One line is for me, the other for my daughter. We are wanting to buy new phones, so we know we also will need to change to the new data plans. What is the easiest way to accomplish what we need to do? Should my daughter open her own account and port the number when the phone arrives? Then, I deactivate her old phone/line. At the same time, do I simply do the same for myself? Seems like this is a fairly common thing but I haven’t found a succinct answer anywhere on the forum.

Thanks for some clarity!


The upgrade to the new plan is automatic. When you log into your account on the phone just select the phone number you want to upgrade and your old phone will deactivate.


When you activate the replacement phones you will be presented with the option to replace the phones in your existing account. The numbers will move to the new phones and the old ones will be deactivated. RW has done a very good job with this.


Thank you for these replies.

Let me ask again about my daughter. She is currently on my plan. I want her to be on her own plan once we switch phones. Would it be best to have her open a new account now, buy a phone, and then port her current RW number out of my account? Or should I order both phones from my account, and then activate/deactivate upon arrival? If the latter is the right way to do this, how do I ultimately get her billing split off from mine?

Again, many thanks.


It is not possible to port a number from one Republic account to another Republic account. Porting or transferring a number refers to moving a number from one carrier to another.

The above said, Republic describes how to move a number from one account to another here: How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account – Republic Help. The timing of the move is up to you. It can be done before or after activating your daughter’s new phone. It’s a matter of preference.


Since the first step in that article is to deactivate the phone you want to move and re-activate it on the new account, it’s actually easier in this case to just go ahead and activate the new phone on a new account. Then open a support ticket from each account stating that you want to move the number from the old phone (give the phone’s MEID or IMEI) to the new phone (give the new phone’s MEID or IMEI), and in each ticket, reference the other ticket and grant permission for the number to be moved.


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