What is the GB total on my phone?

these are my phones. how do i know the GB total for them? like when you buy a new phone, you choose 32, or 128, or 16


the Pure is actually black, not sure why Republic is saying it’s white, but anyway

the Moto E 2nd gen has 8 GB storage
the Moto X Pure has 32 GB of Storage and 3 GB of RAM

note the OS will take up space on the phone storage
one can go into the settings/Storage to find out how much is there

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ok, yeah i looked in storage but it only shows me user available… did not see a spot for the full specs.
but thank you.

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If you want to look for the specs on the phone you can find those under.
Settings -> About phone -> Hardware information

Since a sizeable chunk is used by the OS and pre-installed apps…the usable space shown
under Storage is probably the more useful number. If your phone is capable of using a MicroSD card…then that’s the best way to augment your phone memory, especially for storing photos and videos.

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thank you. The usefulness of the number is subjective. in this case i want a straight comparison of initial specs on new phones vs existing phones. but i hear what you’re saying. :slight_smile:

interesting though, I can go to Settings, About Phone, but do not see Hardware information. I see a hardware SKU, and HW version, but neither of those expand for more info. no biggie. just mentioning

Sorry…I was looking at my Moto X4 when I looked up the menu options… it’s unfortunate that they keep changing those menu options around between models.

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no worries, and thanks again.

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I have owned both those phones (E2 and the Moto X Pure)…we ended up upgrading from those to Moto X4 phones…we have been very happy with that upgrade… E2 was upgraded when the X4 first came out…so that was a bit pricey. I upgraded from my Moto X Pure to an X4 that I got during the holiday season sales at the end of last year. Both Moto X4s are working well for us… one Moto X4 is the 32GB version and the other is the 64GB version. We also have additional memory using 64GB SD Cards on both. That configuration has worked well for us without having to skimp on photos/videos or continually purge out content to make room for new stuff. You may want to look at the Pixel 3a…those look really attractive at that price point.

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you work on commission? :wink: seriously appreciate the info. so the Pixel 3A is something other than the Moto X4 i take it?

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Yes… the Pixel 3a is the low cost variant of the Pixel 3. The Pixel series phones made by Google have really good camera quality…one of the things that is lacking with the Moto phones.

ok. i do not see any of those for sale on Republic

Yes, those are only supported as BYOP phones

ok, great, thanks!

I don’t see the Moto X4 either, also BYOP?

@barabbas - here is a document (Republic Wireless Phones) that has a lot of information about the phones RW supports (either available in the online store or supported through their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program**)

Might help if you are considering other brands and models of phones. Hope this helps!

even better, thank you

This is another excellent resource to ensure you are picking a compatible phone when buying from a third party.


Any phone model that Republic Sells can be used as a BYOD phone on Republic.
the Moto X4 is over 2 years old and as such productions is/has ended There is still a chance that Republic may get a late batch to put up on the phone page but most likely it is a BYOD phone now.

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much appreciated to all! @freddyp @drm186 @amitl


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