What is the Home Item on system list?

We have two moto g 1st gen phones. In the settings screen under device, one phone starts the listing with an icon and the word “Home.” The other phone does not show this line. When I touch the line named “Home” I get another screen that shows an empty circle, another house symbol with what looks like the google man inside it, and the word “Launcher.” There is a trash can symbol, which does nothing. I cannot find any reference to this in the apps.

What is this “home” item?

On my phone that is the selection for the launcher my phone uses. I have “Launcher” and “Google Now Launcher” available for selection. Perhaps you had multiple launchers available on the phone at one time.

Hi @tonyw.8ywpv7

Your question begs the question…“are both phones using the same launcher?”.

As @cbwahlstrom suggested, I somehow ended up with the Google Home app on my MXP, not sure how/why that happened, as I have a Amazon dot device.

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