What is the status of my new phone?


The order # is : ■■■■8687444
Date: 1/3/2019
Name: Ronnie
Phone #:

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Hi @ronnies.nbphxe,

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s online Community where members do their best to help other members. Republic likes to call customers members. Most of us here (myself included) are not staff and, therefore, are unable to look up information specific to your account such as order history.

That said, may we know a bit of context? Have you ordered a new phone and are awaiting its arrival? If so, please know Republic is backed up on order fulfillment. The earliest a phone ordered on the 3rd might have shipped would have been this past Monday. Have you received email notification from Republic your phone has shipped? Do you know if your credit or debit card has been charged?


Thank you for trying to help me with this issue.

I have been with Republic for a number of years but still do not know how to contact them.

The credit card has not been charged.

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Hi @ronnies.nbphxe,

You’re most welcome!

To reach staff, you may open a ticket here: Tickets | Republic Wireless.

This and the fact you haven’t received email notification that your order has shipped suggests that your order has indeed yet to ship. I’m not making excuses here, simply passing along the information that due to seasonal holidays and inventory, Republic’s fulfillment of orders is running behind. You may certainly contact staff as indicated above but, candidly, I don’t know if they’ll have anything more definitive for you.

One final thought is we should verify the order actually went through. Do you see an invoice for that order when signed into your Republic account here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless? If so, does it show a status? If not, please let us know.


I checked the wrong cr card and Republic did charge my card on Jan 3, 19



Hi @ronnies.nbphxe,

I hate to trouble on this, however, are you sure it’s a charge and not a hold. Holds are temporary authorizations placed by one’s card issuer to insure available funds for an approved transaction are there when the actual charge comes through. I mention this because it would be unusual for Republic to charge your card the same day an order was placed because no orders were planned to ship on the 3rd and Republic generally charges when items ship.

That said; if it is indeed a charge rather than a hold and you haven’t received email notice with shipping information (you might double-check any spam folders), then the next logical step is raising a help ticket by clicking this link: Tickets | Republic Wireless.


Hi @ronnies.nbphxe,

I see a tracking number on that order, assigned around noon today. Did you receive the E-mail with the tracking number?

I am sorry your order was delayed. Our partner fulfillment center was closed the first week of the new year for their annual inventory, something we had tried to make evident on our website, but their inventory unexpectedly extended into this week, and they are now working through the backlog.

(Note, I edited a typo… They are now working on the backlog…)


Hi @ronnies.nbphxe,

I owe you an apology. Further research shows I’m in error on the timing of the charge to one’s card. Republic’s word on the matter is here: FAQ: When do you charge my card? – Republic Help.


Thanks for your help. It is my understanding that the phone was shipped yesterday,