What is this clear, white triangle? - Moto G (1st Gen.)


Can anyone tell me what the clear, white triangle is that is in the upper right corner of my screen beside the wifi icon (screenshot attached). I have searched and searched. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it appears. It just started happening a month or so ago



Can you let us know what phone make and model you have? Each model can be extremely different.


Moto G (16GB) (1st Gen.)


Try booting the phone in Safe Mode – Republic Help, this will help eliminate an updated that may have occured to a 3rd party app. If it does then you can examine Google Play/My apps & games/INSTALLED and see what occurred about the time the display started


Hi @buckifan,

You mentioned attaching a screenshot, but it doesn’t appear to be included. Can you insert a screenshot to help us figure it out?

Use the “upload icon” at the top of the message editor to add an image to a post.



being how your phone is
Moto G (16GB) (1st Gen.)

do you mean the 5th one down?
if so you are roaming or in a Sprint extended service area. (non native sprint area)

not a g1 but here is a screen shot of an e2, note the little white triangle at upper right between wifi and cell icons. just means roaming…


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