What is wrong with my old Moto E?

Hello - I am trying to activate a Moto E (1st Gen) phone. The phone is connected to wifi and I am able to surf

well. Now, when I try to activate the phone - I receive the following message on the screen: “This view is not available because you do not have cell or Wi-Fi data connectivity.” YES… There is Wi-Fi to the phone. I am wondering if these phones are still activate-able on the network. Please advise!! Mark Hensley

Is your phone on Android 4.4 or 5.1? We have seen people who have not updated have issues.

Hi @markh.hu1fi7,

If you have not been able to activate the phone yet, please open a support ticket. This issue is very specific to our Moto E (1st Gen) phones and our staff needs to help with the activation process for these phones.

I’m going to lock this thread just so that other troubleshooting tips are not added, because for this specific situation, they can make the situation more complicated to remedy.

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