What is wrong with my phone?

Is there anything going on with the service today? My Moto g5 play keeps going into power saver mode. How do I get it out of that? This has been going on since this morning, over 12 hours! Most of the time I could not make a phone call and no one could call me. Text messages are not effected.
Today I finally got a call through to our daughter and she asked where I was calling from. Evidently the number that showed up on her call ID had my name but another phone number. Maybe my underlying Sprint number?

This is the 2nd day I am having problems with my phone. Surely someone can help?

The first thing I would try is explained in the following help article:

In addition, Republic Wireless phones use the Republic Wireless app to manage multiple phone services. Since many phones don’t recognize this app as a native or pre-installed app, having battery saving features enabled or turned ON may result in issues with texting, calling, access to data, etc. Republic Wireless advises that the battery saving setting remain disabled for these reasons. This also includes third-party apps intended to limit or reduce battery usage. For information on turning off the battery saver, take a look at:

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I just did this *** # * # 8647 # * # *** and it looks like it is transferring my native message app to the anywhere app. right now. I do a lot of texting and sure hope I “get along” with the anywhere app.
Why was there no message or information about this OR did I miss it?

I have no idea why that would be occurring. I don’t think Anywhere should become your default text app unless you make it your default text app. Did you make sure battery saver was turned off?

OK it is done and I restarted the phone and it seems to be OK now. I did make the Anywhere app my default text app and seems to work the same way.
Was there some kind of notice I missed about this update?

No. I don’t think there was any update. No update that would have impaired your service, anyway.

You never did answer regarding making sure battery saver was turned off:

Now my phone is stuck in power saver mode and network connections is sleeping. Why has this started happening all of the sudden? And how do I stop this from happening?

my e4 was stuck in power saving yesterday and this morning. and i had wifi turned on but the icon was not litup… i turned wifi off and on then i had two half moon icons on the front face . so i turned wifi off and on and now its ok…

I wonder why this just started happening?

Perhaps the information here will help:

Yes it goes to voice mail. My phone was sitting less than a foot on my desk where my router is and calls went right to voice mail. Last night I paid my tech guy to re-boot my router thinking that would help. That did seem to help now I have to search from my book where I have all my passwords.
He set me up with 5g and when that is not available it switches to 2.5g (I think that is what it is)
Do we even have 5 g available for wifi???

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