What is your favorite App for Moto G6?

I have lists of “to do” or to remember when I am out and about on sticky notes on my desk top monitor. I found this app today called “Keep Notes”. I use voice commands all the time because of arthritis in my hands and this app works great!
What is your favorite app?

App…WordHero. Use it a lot now while riding on train to pass time.
Guess as many words in a minute and a half…usually I am in the middle of the pack.

WOW! That is a nice game, very addictive for sure. A lot of the words don’t seem logical Thanks for the tip.

Yep, it helps. I usually end up finding the 3 or 4 letter words, but it has its benefits.
Just yesterday, I was on train and a little girl was sitting next to me (her and mom on way to school).
I engaged her for a bit, just to let her know what I was doing. I am sure the concept escaped her, nevertheless. it was nice to let her have a crack at it and come up with her own words.
She knew what STRAW was, just could not spell it, but it was nice…then life reared its head and they had to get off at the next stop, lol

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