What Kind Of Service Should i Use For Maps?

New job. Involves some driving to different locations weekly. Would be very useful yo have access to google maps.

At most, I would say the drives will use a total of less than 300 minutes of time a week accessing google maps.

What service should I get? I say a Data plan by gigs. Is this what i need? How many gigs? Will the 5 gigs for $5 be enough? What happens if I go over 5 gigs? Will it just stop or go over and charge me more?


Hi @dwh,

Congratulations on the new job!

Let me first clarify that we don’t offer a plan with 5 GB for $5. Our My Choice plan allows you to purchase data for $5 per GB, so 5 GB would cost $25.

Set your plan low. When it runs out, you can buy another GB ($5), and you’ll get warnings as you start to run out.

To give you a sense of how much data you’d use, I drove 4.5 hours yesterday using Google Maps for navigation and the phone indicates that I’ve used 34.65 MB of data. I also had Pandora streaming the whole time and used 122 MB there.

You can download your maps in advance (on Wi-Fi) and use even less data for navigation.

What kind of phone do you have? Do you have a car charger for it? If not, may we send you one to congratulate you on the new job?

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Hi @dwh

You can download offline Maps for google Maps via wifi and use them offline, NO cell data needed :slight_smile:


Here’s an article that Republic put together to give everyone an idea what 1GB of data will cover.

Hope this helps!

And if you decide to use Google Maps offline here’s a link with some help to download areas and navigate offline –



Thanks for the replies.

i have a car charger. Thanks.

Will try the offline maps first and see how that works.

If you are interested in trying alternatives, I have been very pleased with “HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS” by HERE Apps LLC (although I think it was by Nokia in the past). I like this app for two reasons:

  1. The maps you download for offline use will stay on your phone until you remove them. Maps by Google only keeps downloaded maps for a certain amount of time before they are erased (they may notify you before erasing them though).

  2. You can download individual states or the entire USA using HERE. With Maps by Google downloading the entire USA is not really an option (at least it was not last time I checked).

I have been using HERE for the past 4 years to navigate. I like the comfort of knowing that whether or not I have a data connection, I can always get directions by having the whole country on my phone.


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