What Makes Volunteer Work So Satisfying?

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In 2017, a whopping 77.4 million Americans1 performed community service at their local schools, food banks, hospitals, churches, community centers, homeless shelters, and more. Even more inspiring is the fact that participation in volunteer programs increased by 22% compared to what we saw in 20152. Here at Republic Wireless, we encourage our team members to gain volunteer experience by participating in a variety of community service projects. Throughout the year, we host what we call “Mojo Challenges,” which are designed to foster creativity, teamwork, and a little bit of fun. Oftentimes, these challenges include a volunteering component, and we send…

This was a fantastic post. I enjoyed reading it. My husband and I both volunteer. I do a lot of work at our church. I run the ladies Bible study group, as well as doing all the decorating of the church for various holidays and events. My husband volunteer with Team Rubicon which is a veteran led disaster relief organization. They are a 501 ©(3) group that travel all over the world helping at natural disasters.

I’ve recently become very involved with an organization called Friends of Homeless Animals (www.foha.org) and I have to agree, the time I put in with them is far more satisfying than any work I do at my “real” job. If I could afford it I’d stop working entirely and volunteer full time!

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