What network is associated with zip code 01754

I need a new Moto phone and since Republic is totally out of stock of smaller mid-priced phones, I may buy and unlocked one from amazon. What networks serve the 01754 zip code and surrounding areas? I’m guessing Sprint.

Hi @peggyb.u3uq8v and welcome to the Community!

Both of Republic’s cellular network partners offer coverage in your area. One partner is indeed Sprint. The other is T-Mobile. I took the liberty of examining the partner’s respective maps. Were I shopping for a phone for use with Republic in your area, I would want one provisioned for cellular service with Sprint.

One’s definition of “smaller mid-priced phones” might vary from person to person, however, if intending to shop for a Republic and CDMA (Sprint) coverage compatible phone, I suggest this:

And, this:

Finally, once you’ve settled on a phone, please do not purchase Republic’s standalone SIM as that provides GSM (T-Mobile) coverage. Instead do this:


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