What non-profits does Republic support?

I have not been able to find out which non-profit organizations, if any, Republic supports? Could someone please tell me where to find that information?
Thank you.

Hi @edb.qj4bqe,

Republic Wireless does not share this information publicly. Republic has been involved in several local non-profit organizations by giving financial support however, we predominately give back through volunteered time.

What is the rationale behind your unwillingness to share that information? It would be nice to know where some of the money we pay you goes.


Thank you. I appreciate your response.

I for one am glad you don’t share the information. I am tired of companies being lambasted because of who or what they did or did not support. It frankly is none of my business. I pay them for a service and if I like the service that is all that matters. We have become way too judgmental, critical, political, intolerant, whatever term you want to apply. If they were actually conducting a business doing something I don’t agree with, then yes, I may not support them, but what they chose to support on their own, or what the CEO chooses to support or endorse on their own is not my concern, even if I don’t agree with it that is their right.


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