What phone did you pickup this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! I thought I would try something fun (since we all like to brag about the deals we get :wink: ). Like the title says, what phone did you pick up this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Additionally, where did you pick it up and for how much? Lastly, why did you choose that specific phone?


Pixel 3 128GB from Google Store. They had $150 off that model, which that thus covered the 2yr Protection Plan a bit of the tax. This is an upgrade to my current 1st Gen Pixel XL. I chose the Pixel 3 non-XL model, as I wanted a smaller sized phone, and do not want the “notch” on the 3 XL. Pixel phone has the best camera period and I can not stand to OEM software modified phones like Samsung or LG etc.


I’m with you regarding the software. I wish all manufacturers would just use stock Android! Enjoy the new phone and let us know how you like it!


I nearly pulled the trigger on a Pixel 3. Then I thought it through and decided I should just replace the battery on my original Pixel. Maybe in the next few years the new Pixels will be equipped with a headphone jack again.


I wish, but,

Never will happen,imo. Infact…Apple is working to remove even the charging port and go completely wireless. And since it seems the both Google and Samsung like to follow Apple…I would not have any faith in seeing a return of the headphone jack.

Using the little dongle adapter is not that big deal, just have to buy a few of them, and leave one connected to my headphone cable that is attached to my portable headphones., and one to my AUX cable in car.


Cyber Thursday had the deal I as waiting for. Purchased a Pixel 3 XL and got $200 off the regular price on Google store. Also purchased wireless charger for Pixel 3 for $39.99 at Bestbuy. Not sure if I got good deals on case and screen protector, but they were inexpensive enough on Amazon.


What would be the fun of that? How many SW Developers would that put out of work? How would users ever get a phone that ‘just worked the way they wanted it too’? I think Henry Ford thought that folks would be happy with cars any color they wanted (as long as it was black). And along that same vane, aren’t many of us glad that the world didn’t take T.J. Watson Sr’s proclamation that 5 or 6 IBM computers would be all that we would ever need :rofl:


Just as “fun” as using an iPhone i guess. :smirk:
iOS has never “never worked the way I want it to” or given the user any useful customizations, even after jailbreaking is done.
Stock Google Android does all those things and far more.
OEM butchered versions of Android always slow way down and tend to decide for you that it is time to get a new phone. The Pixel devices, with their Stock Google Android, are the only phones that have a proven record of being just as fast and buttery smooth, day 1,095, as was on day 1.
Now, if you want pure unaltered Android, then one must go to AOSP, but that is lacking in useful features.


I feel like most of the OEMs just waste money on the software. Why don’t they ax the custom Android and use the money elsewhere? Surely it would save them a bunch on debugging, etc.