What phone do you have and do you like it?



I believe we will be getting a new phone for my wife here soon (she’s on the Moto G 1st gen) so I’m curious what everyone likes. I have the Moto Z Play and it has been working great for me. The camera is quite good, holds a charge for a lot longer than I’m used to, and the finger print sensor is nice. Plus it wasn’t too costly compared to similar phones.


So one of you is on our CDMA carrier and one is on GSM. How has that been? Some say GSM is faster but CDMA has broader coverage. Do you notice a difference?


I haven’t really noticed a difference so far, I have had this new phone for only about a month. I was on the Moto G 1st gen before as well, so the speed difference from the phones alone are pretty substantial. We also stay on wifi quite a bit between home and work. I’ll keep you posted though if it becomes more apparent.


I have the moto G 1st gen and it is getting a little older and slower. But I love the $10 a month plan and don’t want to have to pay an extra $5 dollars a month to upgrade… Maybe if i can convince my wife to go Republic with the money we’d save I can afford a little more.


For some people it’s about productivity. For example, I had the Moto g 1st Gen and used it a lot for work but it kept filling up way too fast, I couldn’t have many apps on it at one time, and for my job I needed a good camera. My Moto z play satisfies those. But I did wait until I accidentally jumped in a pool with my Moto g to get a new phone :slight_smile:


My mom just got a Moto G4 and it is a very nice economical option, she is very pleased with it so far. Yesterday we used the phone to order photo prints from Walmart online. The whole process was very smooth and the phone handled it well. Has a good enough processor not to feel all clunky at a great price.