What phone number is ringing on my phone?


Is there a way to identify what number is ring on my Moto E4? I have my regular Republic number and I also have my Google voice/hangouts number.

When my phone rings I can’t tell what number is ringing.



There isn’t a way to tell via Caller ID.

You could turn on the call screening feature of GV. That would cause you to hear “Hit 1 to accept call” when you pick up calls from your GV number…


I have a similar situation. I am always on call for work for certain things, but every few weeks also have to be the administrative on call person which is a separate number for our staff to use. I have that number forwarded to my phone. It would be nice to know if an incoming call was being forwarded from the on-call number of if I was being called directly. In either case it just shows my work is calling.


All Republic can do is report the caller ID that is passed to it. It has no way to know whether the call is being forwarded or not. You would need to work with the sending end to alter the caller ID sent to indicate the forwarding.


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