What phone works with Link2Cell?


My Moto E4 has terrible quality when linked to a Panasonic Link2Cell phone. I tried a friend’s Verizon? iphone and it worked fine with the same Panasonic link2cell desk phone. I assume the problem is with the Moto and not because of the different carrier (moto works fine when used alone as cell phone). Can anyone suggest a phone that will work on Republic with Panasonic link2cell desksets?


Hi @lubin,

Panasonic’s Link2Cell uses Bluetooth to connect to a cell phone. Any difference in experience using a Moto E4 and an iPhone would be explained by the phones not one’s service provider (presuming of course that your E4 provides good quality when not being used with Link2Cell).

As for suggestions regarding a specific phone for use with Link2Cell, I last used Link2Cell with an old Republic Moto E2, so am surprised to hear the E4 doesn’t work well. Without knowing which iPhone you borrowed from your friend for testing purposes, it’s a tad difficult for the Community to suggest alternatives. So, may we know which iPhone your friend has?


Lubin, I don’t know if you’re also Richard… But in case you’re not… My guess is that the BT and Wifi are interfering with each other. This can be tested by turning off wifi and trying a call over cell, is the call quality issue resolved?

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