What phones are CDMA compatible?

I need to get a new phone but I need to make sure it works on Sprint since T-MOBILE does not have good coverage in my area. What phones would be available? I wanted to get a Moto G but it looked like they didn’t support CDMA.


You can find the current list of phones that support CDMA and GSM in the document at the following link:

Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

The most recent Moto G’s do not support CDMA at this time but Republic is working with Sprint to resolve this. If you check the specifications for the Moto G7’s in the Republic store you will notice that CDMA is not currently supported.

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This post, as well as showing which are CDMA compatible, also shows phones’ other features.


Thanks a lot. That is exactly what I am looking for. I don’t suppose there is any timeline on when the G7’s will be ready?

I currently have a G5, do you know if I would purchase a G6 unlocked would the old SIM card work in the G6?

The most recent news on that is early August but please don’t take that as a guarantee.

Since you’re asking about CDMA compatible phones, is it fair to presume your G5’s SIM is CDMA? If so, it won’t move to a G6 as unlike their GSM cousins, active CDMA SIMs, don’t move from phone to phone. You may verify your G5 has a CDMA SIM as documented by Republic here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Once you’ve made a decision on a new phone, please do not purchase Republic’s standalone SIM kit as that’s GSM. Instead do this: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help. Again, unlike their GSM cousins, there are multiple mutually incompatible flavors of CDMA SIMs. You will need to be able to identify which phone you need a CDMA SIM for.


Thanks a lot. That was really helpful and all you assumptions are correct.

I was sure hoping it would be a lot easier to get the CDMA phone up and running.

Another question. Do you know if I were to purchase a G7 series phone now would that phone be CDMA compatible once Republic works out the kinks or do I have to wait until they say they are ready?

Hi @curtism.vyxsq1,

If you’re prepared to tolerate GSM coverage for now, you would be able to switch to CDMA once Republic is ready.


Is the G7 for sure going to be on CDMA? This if for my wife, her phone broke recently and I need to replace it. She is going to be really mad if it doesn’t happen. :slight_smile:

Hi @curtism.vyxsq1,

As I think you know, the holdup isn’t the phone itself. The G7 series is CDMA hardware compatible. What’s currently unavailable is a compatible Republic SIM. Ultimately, I’m confident Republic and its partner will be able to deliver a compatible SIM, however, today is not that day.


Thank you so much for your help.

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