What plan should I change to - I just want unlimited text and talk?

I have an old phone and plan. My current plan is the “WiFi, Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data” plan.

I don’t need Internet. I just want unlimited text and talk (everywhere). If I switch to the $10 “WiFi and Cell Talk and Text” plan, will the talk and text work everywhere (or just where I’m connected to WiFi).

Is there a cheaper option for someone who wants just unlimited text and talk everywhere?

It appears you are using a legacy phone on the Republic Wireless 1.0 plan. The $10 base plan gives you unlimited talk and text on WiFi and cell for $10 per month (plus taxes and fees).

The only thing you will lose by going to the $10 plan is cellular data for web browsing and most app use (for example: you won’t be able to receive e-mail when you’re on a cellular only connection). You can still do all those things when connected to Wi-Fi.

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