What plans (if any) offer Off-network roaming using a Moto G 3rd gen?

What plans (if any) offer Off-network roaming using a Moto G 3rd gen?

The Moto G (3rd Gen) already has off-network roaming for calls and messaging. Roaming data, however, is terribly expensive. It costs 18 times as much as native data. Presuming you are on the Republic Refund plan you can consume $$$ as fast as you can afford by turning roaming data on in the Republic app’s settings.

Thanks billg for the reply. My concern is with voice only. I have the Republic Refund 0GB plan. I looked at both the CDMA and GSM coverage maps. The CDMA map indicates there is coverage in the Danbury NC area but I was there today and had no signal. The service I found was more like the GSM coverage map. I think my phone operates on CDMA so what should I do differently so my service matches the coverage map for CDMA?

There are some things you can do if your phone will not roam. Try the steps in the troubleshooting section of this document:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Second part of these instructions has you updating the PRL (list of towers your phone can roam on) and re-registers your phone with Sprint.

If doing that doesn’t solve the problem there is and MSL reset that RW Support can help you through. This involves a code you need to get from them and involves all of the steps one goes through after a factory reset. The should only be done if you can’t get your phone to roam with the steps I first mentioned.

Very good. I’ll give this a try. Thank You JTM

One detail I forgot to mention. While in Danbury (with no voice service) my signal strength indicator had 2 bars with a white “!” displayed in the right side of the signal indicator. What does the ! Indicate?

Here is an explanation of the !.


Any chance you went into settings and turned mobile data off? That is something you meotjher want nor need to do.

I checked the settings and Cellular data is set on (green). I’m hoping the PRL update will fix the problem. My plan was updated Saturday from Wifi and cell talk and text to Republic Refund 0GB. I did not run the PRL update after the change but I have now!!! Thank You again!! JTM

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