What RW installed apps are on the Moto X4?

I am considering a Moto X gen 4 but wanted to know what RW preinstalled apps are on the phone - and are any/all of them able to be uninstalled?

Hi @eileenc.njkjed and welcome to the Community!

Other than the required Republic app, Republic installs no apps on the phones it sells. All phones currently sold at Republic’s store are carrier agnostic and factory unlocked.

They are Androids, so they do come with the typical suite of Google apps plus a few added by Motorola. These cannot be deleted but may be disabled if you wish.


Thanks, Roland!! Appreciate the feedback and prompt reply!


If you are worried about storage space… you should consider getting the 64GB version of the phone…or get an SD card and configure it as internal storage.

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Hi @eileenc.njkjed,

There is also a Android One version of the X4. The 64GB version is still available from the Moto and B&H sites for $200 when recently viewing.


What is the difference between Android One and the one on sale on RW?

Android one is missing the Moto addons [display, actions, etc] and gets it’s OS updates from Google where the one from Republic will gets it’s OS updates from Motorola [Lenovo]

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