What RW phone has the best stock Android experience?

I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S8 since I switched back to RW from Fi at the beginning of the year. It’s no slouch of a phone, but I really can’t stand the half Google/half Samsung experience that comes with the phone (though it has gotten better from the S3 days).
I bought a Pixel 2 XL on eBay but I’m returning it because the description didn’t match the product. I’m not opposed to getting another Pixel to replace it, but I would like the RW community’s input first.
With that in mind, there are some things that need to be considered:
-I have a large music library and therefore need either at least 128GB of storage on the phone or a microSD slot (hence why I’m returning my Pixel 2 XL).
-I would prefer to not have to shove a tablet in my pocket
-It doesn’t have to be the highest end phone, but I also don’t want an extremely low spec device.
-The closer I can get to a pure Android experience, the better.

Any suggestions?

Pixel 3a or 3a XL…best bang for your dollar. But they only do come in 64GB.

I have the Pixel 3 128GB flagship. I have a large media collection.
I cant stand other brands and their modified software and lack of updates.
Infact, in just a week or so…I will have Android 10 on my phone.

A Pixel phone is “Stock” Android. Googles version of it. It is very slim and lean compared to Samsung or LG etc. The next closest stock like software, woudl be Moto.

If you want a “Pure” Android experience, that would be via a custom rom of AOSP. Which you will find devoid of any Google Services, and many features. It is for advanced techy users.

Republic also, does not support phones with custom roms, so you would have to seek service on another carrier if you decide to modify and flash a custom rom to a phone.


Yes the Pixel 3 seems like the best of the bunch, but only being 64GB with no expandable storage creates a problem.
Can you tell me how you obtained a 128GB model?

one can order a Pixel 3 from google Pixel 3
or from amazon (Pixel 3 )

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the budget “a” models, doe not have a 128GB model. it is $300 for the Pixel 3a.

the flagship non a models do…but they are $900 for 128gb Pixel 3.

Google does run sales ever so often though…like $100 to $300 off…seems they may be having such a sale right now…$599 says Google store for black P3 128gb

Yes I just noticed that that was the case…hopefully my financing application gets approved quickly!

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