What setting should I use for Preferred Network Type?

I was looking at my phone setting the other day because of another issue. I noticed my Preferred Network Type was set to Global and LTE was recommended. Path is Settings/Network & Internet/Mobile Network/Preferred Network Type
What is the best setting? - Thanks!
Phone type is Pixel 4a

Hi @davep.acl5qa,

Generally, the best thing to do is leave that setting alone. If you’d care to share the brand, model and generation of your phone, someone else with that phone might have a look at their settings for you to confirm.

I edited my original post - thanks!

Hi @davep.acl5qa,

The closest I’m able to come is a Pixel 4 XL, which like your Pixel 4a is defaulted to Global. My Pixel 4 XL also suggests LTE as recommended, however, unless you’re experiencing difficulties with your connection, I’d leave it alone. I’m a huge fan of if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

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You may want to see what Republic has documented on the subject.
See: What setting should I use for Preferred Network Type?
This can be found by selecting the Help Center search from any forum page and using your own search argument

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