What should I do when I'll be several months overseas?

One of my children are in Europe for four months. When they got there, they purchased a sim card for a European provider, put it in their Republic phone, and all seems to be working. Should I delete that phone from our Republic account? or is there a way to pay some kind of nominal fee to keep that phone on the Republic account for when she gets back.

Hi @jimc.7aqupr and welcome to the Community!

There is no way to pay Republic a fee nominal or otherwise to hang onto a number without paying for monthly service. The least expensive option for keeping the number with Republic is $15/month plus taxes and regulatory recovery fees.

Canceling service to the phone outright is an option but doing so releases the number attached. If you wish to keep the number but not pay Republic for service, a number parking service is an option. I’ve used NumberBarn: https://www.numberbarn.com/number-parking.

Whether you choose to cancel service outright or move the number, you would need a new SIM to reactivate the phone with Republic upon your child’s return home, so please reach out to Republic when that time comes.

Finally, I should mention your child could use Republic service when connected to WiFi for making calls back home. Doing so might be considerably less expensive than using the local (in country) SIM but does come with the hassle of needing to swap SIMs depending on which service one uses at a given time.


Thank you. That’s very helpful!


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