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I had been a Republic Wireless user for 3.5 years and I was very happy for all that time except for my last month of service which was September 2017 when suddenly I started having issues anytime the phone was not on wifi.
I have a Moto X2 and I was on a grandfathered $25 mo. plan which came to about $30 a month and I was happy. Then all of a sudden when I was out and about, I would not be receiving service. I tried online chat and kept on getting this guy, Alex, who would put me through the same routine about making sure my phone was up to date, which it was. Then, he did not know why this was happening. The phone chat was very unpleasant with long delays between his replies, and after doing this twice and spending about an hour each time, with no positive result, sadly, I gave up and decided to change my service.
So I signed up with Cricket which uses the AT&T network I was assured the phone would switch seamlessly to wifi in my house. I bought an LG Stylo 3. The problem is, which they did not tell me, AT&T uses their mobile network for calls, so the calls do not come in on wifi when I’m at home. In my home I do not get cellular signals. So now I don’t have service in my house except very sporadically, which is unacceptable.
I would like to come back to RW . I would very much appreciate suggestions as to what to do. There is nothing wrong with my Moto X2. I can still use it.



You can reactive your X2 using the info provided below

  • Should you have problems after it is activated, come on back to the community … collectively it has a pretty good track record for fixing fellow users problems
    (and welcome home :slight_smile:


Hi @judithp.a9vhdm,

I’m sorry you were not able to get the help you needed when your phone was not functioning correctly. We have some standard troubleshooting steps we always begin with, and when they don’t work, we try to escalate the issue to our technicians. I’m sorry we somehow failed to provide you the assistance you needed.

i see that @jben has sent instructions on re-activating your Moto X (2nd Gen.) Please let me know if there is anything further you need to know to get started.



Ok! Thank you. I did it. Hopefully all will go well this time.

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Ok this is done! Thank you. hopefully all will be well this time around.



Actually a factory reset helps set a phone back to when you got it new or new to you. Was the phone factory reset or not before reactivation? If not it’s ok, the factory reset is a last resort in my bag of tools. There are steps that should be taken to save info on the phone but if the phone was a clean slate it was perfect for the reset.

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