What SIM Card is in New Phones?

Can someone tell me what SIM card is put into new phones before they are sent out?

I mean is it a GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint) SIM card?

I ask because of the Sprint merger with T-Mobile, and am wondering which network phones are being setup on. Just curious.


Hi @postalnote,

We are currently shipping GSM SIM cards with new phones.


When will we get a SIM that works with AT&T towers under the deal they struck with Dish? They flood my home with RF.

Hi @billg,

I’m glad to hear you’re excited about such a possibility. As for the timing… No comment. :smiling_imp:


Better yet, how about developing a multi-provider switching configuration like Google Fi?

Best of all worlds. :balloon:

Thanks @southpaw

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