What steps do I need to take to upgrade my RW phone?


I have an old Moto X 1 gen phone that is struggling. I have resisted buying a new phone because I don’t really want to lose my old plan; however, the time has come. I have purchased a Moto G play unlocked phone as a replacement. What are the next steps I need to take?

Do I need to purchase a new sim card?
How do I migrate from one plan to the other?
How do I keep my old number?



You will need a new SIM kit Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless
During activation you will log in and select your current line and pick the new plan you want
Activate | Republic Wireless


Thanks. That’s what I suspected.


Unless you have already done so… I would recommend looking at

to ensure that the Moto G4 Play that you have already bought is one that is compatible with RW (There is a verizon specific version of the Moto G4 Play that will not work with RW)

If you are an Amazon prime member then the SIM card can be also bought from Amazon. (you can save on shipping)

Do note that a BYOP activation puts you on the GSM coverage…which could be
different from the coverage you might have experienced on your Moto X1 which was CDMA coverage provided by Sprint.

If you prefer Sprint/CDMA coverage…you can do so post-activation…by submitting a help ticket and requesting RW if they can improve your coverage by sending you a CDMA SIM


Thanks. I bought the same phone for my daughter last year and it seems to be working fine, but it is good to know that I might be able to get the CDMA SIM if I need it–I didn’t think I could for one of the newer phones that RW didn’t modify like they did in the past. Also I didn’t know I could get the SIM on amazon…thanks again.


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