What tech tools help you meet your fitness goals? Fitness tracking devices? Fitness tracker apps?


We recently launched an employee fitness program using trackerwalker. It’s a fitness tracking program for organizations. Features include the ability to automatically sync some of the most popular fitness tracking devices and the ability to convert a myriad of activities into “steps.” Weather permitting, I try to bike home from work at least once a week and it’s an extra motivation to be able to count my ride toward my step goal! The corporate aspect of the program helps us encourage and challenge one another.

I don’t know… what does it mean when your boss outpaces you 2:1? :thinking:


Do you participate in an office fitness program?

What about personal fitness tracking? What tech tools do you use for encouragement and accountability? Where have you found your greatest success?

I use Fitbit and could certainly use some additional “Fitbit Friends” to peer-pressure me into meeting my daily goals!

I’ve tried Strava, but get a little nervous about publicly sharing my biking and hiking routes. What do you think, is that an unwarranted concern?

Crazy weather lately

The current place I work for doesn’t. Last place I worked tried few different things, strep challenge was one. Make sure you are counting everything you can. They usually have a list of things. I remember there being some random ones, like Doing the dishes, mowing the grass or doing laundry. Just make sure you are not doubling up.

Currently using Google Fit with my Moto 360. I track steps and active time. If I get in an hour and/or 10k steps, I’m happy.

I can see your concern, esp. If your routes are consistent. I normally kept my routes private or only share special ones.

Just my 2 cents.