What to do if receiving calls from a correctional facility?

I understand how RW customers will occasionally receive calls intended for a different number due to the nature of the provider, and I understand the methods of avoiding those calls. However, I received a call from an ‘offender’ at a correctional facility recently; the individual calling was not somebody I knew, so I denied the call. I then preceded to receive 9 calls over the next two days from an automated system (no longer the number at the correctional facility) informing me that they could not bill my provider for a call, so to receive this call please call this (1-877) number.

My biggest concern is that somebody at this facility is desperately trying to get in contact with family or a friend, and is repeatedly using a cell number Republic uses for my service. I tried contacting the correctional facility, but they state that there is no way they would be able to tell who is calling or relay that message to them. I’m concerned the ‘offender’ is wasting their opportunity to communicate for help on my number.

Has anybody been through this or have any ideas?

Hi @ericp.23ks3l,

Your concern for the individual calling you is admirable. Sadly, if the correctional facility can’t trace back to the individual, I don’t believe there’s anything anyone can do for them directly.

Republic can change your phone’s secondary number. Doing so might indirectly help whomever’s calling since the number would be “out of service” for a period of time before being assigned to someone else. You may make the request, if you like, when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless

Hi @ericp.23ks3l

Just wanted to share my thoughts. I agree with Roland that your concern is quite admirable, compassionate.

I have a very old friend whom’s son made some bad decisions and was incarcerated for a couple years. At this particular facility, (and most in my understanding) they use a ‘third-party’ system when it comes to phone-calls. In other words, one must set up a billable account in order to make and receive calls…(at ridiculous rates I might add)…so not even sure how they are calling you, unless that is not applicable in this particular case.

I remember when first becoming a smartphone user, I would occasionally receive collect-calls from Correctional institutions, but unable to accept them even if I wanted to, due to the billing arrangement. You could of course just try to answer and inform them they have the wrong number. However, I would be very leary that this may be some kind of scam.

Just my $0.02

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