What to do with an Extend Home/Grandstream ATA?

I was a longtime Republic Wireless customer but ported out once we switched to iPhones. I participated in the Extend Home Beta and received one of the Grandstream ATA.

I’m doing some spring cleaning and was wondering if there any alternatives to what I can do with the Extend home? Not sure how many local Republic Wireless users are around me locally. Can these be recycled, up-cycled, reused in some way? I hate to just throw it out. It was free, so not looking to make money off of it. But not sure if Goodwill would know what to do with it, either.

Hi @mvictoria621,

We’re sorry to see you had to leave us for iPhone support. Would you mind sharing where you landed and (if you’re comfortable saying so) what your plan is like?

We’d encourage you to simply recycle the adapter with any electronics recycler. My understanding is that some big box stores like Best Buy have bins near the entrance where electronics can be deposited for recycling.


Thank you for the suggestion. Once my kids switched to iPhones (after begging for awhile) , we had to move their lines off Republic. I followed as I found it easier to manage their lines when I am on the same plan.

We moved over to T-mobile Connect’s $15 plan for each of our lines and it’s worked well for the past year. (for the most part). We just now moved to US Mobile’s family plan for unlimited data so we don’t have to be as frugal with data usage and they give us credit towards streaming services.

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