What to do: X4 is not charging, uncertainty about coming changes

Does anyone know if the big announcement will be beginning of December? My moto X4 won’t charge anymore and pretty much unusable. I want to get the google pixel but I’m not sure how much I can wait. :sob:

According to the main web page, early December:

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If I were you… I would go ahead and get the phone…move your number to Mint or Ting (someone with known Tmobile coverage) and then evaluate at the end of their mininum term if the new plans offered by RW make sense to come back to RW. The new member pricing for Mint is just so deeply discounted that I highly doubt the new RW plans are going to be able to offer a comparable plan at that price. Also, the new RW plans will work on AT&T coverage…unless you have a clear idea of how AT&T coverage is in your area… I wouldn’t take on that uncertainty especially in the middle of the holiday season.

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With the Google pixel purchase (currently $50 off for pixel 5 with 5g) they are offering:

Try Fi risk-free without changing your current phone number or service provider for three months.

Has anyone tried this? Assuming this phone I want to get is allowed to be used for RW… This way I can try Fi free without leaving RW (beta customer).

I took advantage of the free Fi trial with a Pixel 5a. As I use Google Voice for my phone number, I didn’t have to do anything regarding number porting. If you need to port your number you would have to advise Republic Wireless that you want to keep your line active (do this prior to porting), and inquire as to whether this would affect your beta discount (I don’t think it would, but better safe than sorry).

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So long as the “skip-out” port is set up in advance with Republic, the line won’t cancel and the beta discount would remain intact.


I am on the yearly plan. Still make sure skip out port is set up with RW? Thanks. @cbwahlstrom how did you like fi trial? (FYI I bought the pixel 5a 5g last night!)

skip out port…basically holds on to your line of service just with a new number. If you ported out a number while it is on annual plan without the skip out…it will port out and then cancel your service and forfeit the remainder of your annual payment.

Enjoy your new phone… hopefully it works out well for you… we have a Pixel 4a and we like it a lot…my next phone also will likely be a Pixel… am on an X4 right now…so would be curious to hear about your experience with the 5a.

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Fi is fine. It’s just too pricey for what I need. I’ve used it before when I traveled internationally for work. Now I might get out of the country once a year (not even that for the last couple years), so the extra cost of Fi just isn’t attractive.


Thank you for the update Southpaw’s. Still confusing to me.

So we have to pick the new plan whatever it may be and then again wait for the approved list of phones to activate. Sounded like pixel new phones were going to be on the list.

Also I am on the yearly plan (base+1G)… what happens to the yearly payment already paid?

I’m worried about this new plan costing more than what we pay currently. With each “new change” it costs us more monthly in my opinon.

So is Southpaw saying I shouldn’t have purchased the pixel 5a 5g in advance? :worried:

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did you have to contact RW to do the porting? Are you a RW customer still while you are on Fi?

No one has to do anything. If you want to use the new plan, then you’ll need a phone compatible with the new plan, and to pick the new plan. If you want to stay on the plan you’re on, with the My Choice phone you’re on, then you do nothing.

That would be historically incorrect. The last time Republic changed prices it lowered data prices by 66% and the plan was less expensive than the plan it replaced for any customer using more than 0.66GB of data a month.

Southpaw is saying that the Pixel 5a 5g will never be officially compatible with the current Republic Plans so if the point of the phone was to stay on the current plans, then the 5a 5G may not be the right choice. She’s also saying it will compatible with the new plans.

Porting is controlled by the “gaining” carrier and is done through them. In this particular case that would be Fi.

Republic and Fi are unrelated companies. If you transfer your number from Republic to Fi you terminate service with Republic and become a Fi customer.

The exception being a “skip-out” port. If one wanted to avail themselves of Fi’s free service offer by transferring their number to Fi without canceling Republic service (particularly important in the case of those paying for Republic service annually), then one should contact Republic first to arrange the “skip-out” prior to initiating a port to Google Fi.

@ytakahara, if you have more questions, please let us know before doing anything with Fi or another service provider.

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Because I rely on Google Voice I did not have to port my Republic number to Fi. I had Fi give me a new number then told GV to forward my calls to the new Fi number in addition to the RW number. So both phones get my GV calls (but I have not been keeping my old RW phone charged).

I am still paying RW to keep my RW number until I can make a decision about the new plans. Since the Fi trial was free (until Dec. 15 for me) that is not an issue. I expect to have to pay for both RW and Fi for a month or so depending on when RW begins activating new phones on its new plans. Or I could be abandoning RW if I don’t like the new plans, but based on past experience with RW I think is it highly unlikely that the new plans will be undesirable. I’m less certain about AT&T but that is something I will have to try for myself.

I did something similar for a few years while my employer gave me a phone. For awhile I carried two phones, then I gave up and told GV to forward calls to my employer’s and RW phones. I still paid for RW even though I rarely carried that phone. They took the phone back when I retired, so RW became my daily carry again until I bought the Pixel.

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Hi @ytakahara,

I’m sorry my update left you more confused, but I’m glad you’re being cautious and making sure you understand before you make any decisions. And I know it’s hard to make sure you understand when we can’t yet share all the details.

There would be no second round of waiting. Can you tell me what about my update made you think that? I want to correct it so no one else is confused. We’re simplifying things so that the new plans won’t require any waiting for any approvals for new unlocked Android phones.

It looks like @louisdi covered your other questions, but please let me know if you’re still confused.

I don’t think it was your update. I think it was Sasquatchua’s speculation that there would be a delay between announcement and activation, and my response that I thought that would be unlikely.

I will now state that it is my strongly held belief, opinion, speculation, whatever, without any access to inside RW information, that the announcement is being delayed until everything is ready to go live. For purely personal reasons (end of my Fi trial) I hope that date is before December 15.


I see, thanks. Speculation and what some might think are hilarious jokes can be fun, but can also become confusing.

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This was very helpful. Thank you. I understand it now. If I want to keep my current plan base $15 + $5 for 1 G at yearly payment - I can’t get the google Pixel. Only way is to buy one of the phones like another moto x4. If I want to potentially use the Google 5a 5g I will just select the new plan that will be announced this month (assuming Google 5a 5g will be an approved phone). Got it. Thank you.

The reason I felt the plan got worse with new plans is because I originally was paying I think less than $20 with beta discount for unlimited data. I didn’t have to worry about being careful not to use my data. I think that was the original plan. Now I’m constantly freezing my data usage so I don’t waste my 1G data each month. I hate that.

Anyway thank you for explaining everything for me.

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@rolandh Thank you. So “Skip out port” is possible if I want to use the free google fi trial until RW introduces the new plan and hopefully allows Google Pixel 5a 5g to be used with the new plan.

Can I do this?

My parents have RW as well. RW told me that I can’t forward my number to go to my dads phone and just use his phone for a few weeks… he doesn’t use his phone ever. Since forwarding my number to dads phone isn’t possible, can I switch phones? So dad will “use” my broken moto x4 and I will use his functioning Moto G Power? That way I can still use a functioning phone?

@geezerjohn2 I think I have a Google Number. So I can have Google forward my RW phone calls and text to Google PIxel phone?