What version of phone is mine

I have Moto G HW version P3C, Android 5.1, patch level 2016-08-01.

Is this a Moto G 1, 2 or 3 and where does it say it on phone?
Can it do gsm and/or cdma?
When in Costa Rica can I receive phone calls from USA if I am on wi-fi? I know Anywhere works for texting. Will calls from USA go to vm if I am not in wi-fi range>?

Your [home is either a Republic Moto G 1st Gen or 3rd Gen, in both cases you phone is CDMA [Sprint], and is not compatible with GSM or any other provider. Due to the custom ROM.

While outside the US the phone should be able to receive phone calls and call any US or Canadian numbers on a open WiFi [where the ISP or country are not blocking VoIP]

So where would I find that Gen number on my phone?

If you got to Settings – About Phones – Model you’ll see it there. If it just says “Moto G” that’s the 1st gen. If it says “Moto G 3rd Gen” then it’s the 3rd Gen.

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